• BEG launches new multi-sensors for DALI-2

    Manufacturer BEG Lighting Controls has released its first range of DALI-2 multi-sensors for building management systems to the market.

  • TheisCraft acquires Multiload Controls

    TheisCraft has announced its acquisition of the Multiload Controls, a leading manufacturer of scene-setting systems and lighting controls.

  • Signify supplies connected lighting to TATA Steel

    Signify has supplied Interact Pro with Philips Interact Ready luminaires for the innovation room at TATA Steel’s headquarters in Deeside, North Wales.

  • Finding the right fit

    BEG has installed a comprehensive, energy-saving lighting controls system at the Dyson School of Design Engineering, which the maintenance team can control themselves via their smartphones.

  • The lighting evolution

    Rob Walker of Lighting Controls Ltd takes a look back at the early days of lighting control, and ahead to its bright future.

  • The great outdoors 

    Smart lighting is perceived as a feature of the indoor experience, but now it’s set to break new ground outdoors. Martin Allcock, CP Electronics’ OEM sales manager, looks at how new technology is helping create the smart cities of tomorrow.

  • SPIE selected for M8 Charing Cross Underpass lighting upgrade

    SPIE UK has secured an eight-week contract with Scotland TranServ, who are upgrading the lighting system in the M8 Charing Cross Underpass on behalf of Transport Scotland.

  • Amazing spaces

    Paul Jones, director, UK and Ireland at BEG Lighting Controls, discusses how flexible lighting controls can transform public buildings into super-efficient, multi-use spaces.

  • Put up a (safer) parking lot

    Saima Shafi, sales and marketing director at Goodlight, discusses how new LED lighting technology is evolving to make car parks safer, smarter and brighter.

  • Lighting control made easy

    Beckhoff has introduced its TF8050 lighting solution software, a ready-made PLC application library for its PC-based control system.