• Gooee enters South America

    Smart lighting start-up Gooee, creator of a ‘full stack’ cloud-based platform that connects lighting manufacturers to the IoT, has extended its international reach to South America by partnering with the Lumicenter Lighting Group, the Brazilian provider of conventional and LED lighting solutions.

  • Powerpacks for pioneering energy storage project

    Photon Energy, a UK-based Tesla Powerpack certified company, was recently appointed to install four energy storage units at Manchester Science Park. 

    Manchester Science Partnerships (MSP) has undertaken a significant investment in an advanced energy strategy that includes the installation of the Tesla Powerpacks as well as two EV charging points at their flagship headquarters - the Bright Building, located at Manchester Science Park. 

  • Intelligent buildings: Building better 

    Pradyumna Pandit, VP of EcoBuilding UK and Ireland at Schneider Electric, explores the role intelligent buildings have to play in contributing to a smarter, more sustainable future.

  • Cloud-based cooling

    Cooling units are playing an increasingly important role in Industry 4.0. Seamless communication between cooling units and associated cloud-based systems is opening up opportunities for new applications. Karl Lycett, Rittal’s product manager for Climate Control, explores why IoT-capable devices such as the cooling units and chillers in the Rittal Blue e+ range are essential to these applications.

  • Implementing the IoT

    Karl Walker, marketing development manager at Beckhoff, addresses some of the confusion surrounding the technology used in intelligent buildings and gives us some advice on the implementation of the Internet of Things.

  • A smart move

    Liam La Cumbre, commercial director at Exertis, explores how electricians can seize the opportunity presented by smart tech and help their customers on their journey to a connected home.

  • The next generation in virtual power?

    Combining their peer-to-peer network technology and renewable energy products, Kyocera and LO3 Energy have come together to trial a virtual blockchain-managed power plant, in a bid to improve energy distribution.

  • Embracing change

    David Hall, VP power systems UK & Ireland at Schneider Electric, explores why utilities need to be smarter when selecting switchgear and outlines the advantages of embracing the latest innovations generating change in the offshore wind sector.

  • Old dogs and new tricks 

    In an increasingly digitised world, Stewart Gregory, VP of Power Products at Schneider Electric, warns why electrical contractors must mind the innovation gap.

  • Remote monitoring: Increasing BMS & HVACR efficiency 

    Remote monitoring is an essential tool to optimise a building’s infrastructure. Here, Resource Data Management discusses how integrating a comprehensive remote monitoring strategy for HVACR assets into the management of any facility can increase its efficiency and reduce operating costs. 

  • What exactly is a smart building?

    Karl Walker, market development manager at Beckhoff, explains why the term “smart building” may greatly vary in meaning – depending on who you ask.

  • National Grid Partners invests in AI and IoT to build ‘energy systems of tomorrow’

    National Grid Partners (NGP), the investment and innovation arm of National Grid, is continuing to invest in new technologies that could help build a more sustainable energy system. The firm has announced an investment in three new firms, which brings the total number of investments by NGP to 18. 

  • Tuya Smart gains compatibility with Samsung SmartThings

    Tuya Smart, the brand that promises to help OEMs and manufacturers add ‘smart’ functionality to whatever product they wish, is partnering up with Samsung SmartThings to bolster the smart buildings space. 

  • Building an intelligent workplace

    Nick Sacke, head of IoT and products at Comms365, takes a closer look at the growth of IoT in the office and the emergence of the smart workplace.

  • Fighting fire risks with data and insights

    Nadège Petit, executive vice president, global power products at Schneider Electric, explains how the effective use of IoT and dynamic systems architecture can help lower the risk of electrical fires.

  • Old grid, new tricks

    With today’s unprecedented demand for energy, needless to say our current grid isn’t coping all that well. With our appetite for power only set to grow, Luke Osborne, energy and emerging technologies solutions advisor, ECA, explores what it would take to build a smart grid for our times.

  • Intelligence report

    Karl Walker, market development manager at Beckhoff, discusses what the term “smart building” might mean from various viewpoints and explains why data is the key to a truly effective intelligent building.