• Food and beverage breakthrough

    Schneider Electric, a specialist in digital transformation, energy management and automation, launched its first Food and Beverage Forum in Coventry in July.

    The event invited customers including Müller Wiseman, Warburtons and Arla Foods, and leading IT and OT partners, such as Cisco, NetApps, SoIPT andEbb3, to examine how advancements in technology can drive productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

  • Room for improvement

    With the subject of climate change now hotter than ever (pun intended), are utility companies doing enough to improve sustainability? Love Energy Savings is here to answer that question and gives us an insight into what the future holds for the consumer. 

  • FITNESS project sets roadmap for digital substations

    With innovation being essential to the future of the energy industry, Priyanka Mohapatra, RIIO-T2 innovation lead for SP Energy Networks, tells Electrical Review about progress on the RIIO-funded Future Intelligent Network Substation (FITNESS) project.

  • Winter weighting adopted by some energy suppliers

    According to Cornwall Insight, some energy suppliers are adopting winter weighting to reduce debit balances.

  • EDF: 4,000 schools, hospitals and businesses could net £45m in energy savings with simple efficiencies

    More than 4,000 schools, hospitals and businesses could benefit from simple energy efficiency changes that could save 147,671 tonnes of carbon per year and net £45 million in savings. That’s according to EDF Energy, which conducted research on 4,150 sites in the UK, and found that the average organisation could achieve a total saving of as much as £46,316 per year. 

  • Optima Energy issues Targeted Charging Review warning

    Energy management software provider Optima Energy Systems has predicted that business energy users could be left unprepared for changes implemented under Ofgem’s Targeted Charging Review.

  • Cornwall Insight comments on negative wholesale prices

    On 9 December, the UK experienced a negative day-ahead trading price for the first time, with prices for 03:00 AM to 04:00 AM UTC delivery on the hourly day-ahead auction dropping to -£2.84/MWh. James Brabben, wholesale manager at Cornwall Insight, looks at what this means for the energy industry.

  • Electricity North West reveals energy consumption plans

    Electricity North West, which operates the power network throughout the region, has revealed that it expects peak electricity demand in the North West to increase by up to 50% in the next 20 years, as the region transitions to a low carbon future and moves away from its reliance on fossil fuels.

  • Middle East tensions have potential to increase energy bills, says Cornwall Insight

    The recent risk of direct military conflict between the US and Iran has been reflected in the oil market, given the potential disruption to supplies from the region. Such volatility is set to reverberate across the energy markets, raising the prospect of higher energy bills for customers, Cornwall Insight has warned.

  • Electricity North West awards £400m in maintenance contracts

    Electricity North West has completed its largest ever tender process for construction activities on the underground power network.

  • Face-to-face energy sales on the rise, says Cornwall Insight

    According to energy market expert Cornwall Insight, domestic energy switches made in a direct manner – either face-to-face or telesales – are increasing, following a decline after new regulations to control direct energy sales were implemented by Ofgem in 2009.