Cable Hub is the new online cable shop offering a range of electric cables delivered to your site, office or door.

Ordering on Cable Hub is easy, simply sign up in a couple of easy steps and then add the cables you require to your basket.

With over 1000 cables held in stock for next working day delivery, (free on orders over £100) Cable Hub combines top quality products with convenience, reliability and competitive pricing.

Mains and armoured cables for general wiring, indoor and external grade telephone cables and CCTV and access control are stocked in popular sizes such as 0.75mm², 1.5mm² and 2.5mm² and packed in lengths of 50m through to 500m.

Screened and unscreened Data cables and BUS types such as KNX, ASI-Bus and Profibus are also available.

Enhanced and standard fire cables offer continued functionality in the event of a fire with a variety of alarm cables being available to the security installer in PVC, LSHF or Duct Grade.

A range of top quality audio visual and broadcast cables are stocked for commercial and domestic installations.

Whether you’re an electrical contractor, security installer, a building control system integrator, engineer or home AV enthusiast, Cable Hub provides you with all you need to do the job.

Cable Hub really is your ‘one stop cable shop’.

Cable Hub

VPhase will be exhibiting its low cost energy saving unit that you can simply fit, forget and save money instantly,  at Elex 2010 in Coventry on the 16th and 17th September.

A VPhase unit:

·         saves money by reducing electricity bill by typically 10% through regulating the incoming voltage to the home to a stable level, usually 220 volts;

·         saves at least 4 tonnes of carbon over its life, that is the equivalent to driving 22,000 km in an average size family car;

·         should cost no more than £250 when fitted at the same time as a consumer unit;

·         is easily fitted by a qualified electrician;

·         is maintenance free; and

·         has a 5 year warranty.

VPhase Marketing Manager Matt Cody comments "Voltage optimisation technology has been saving industry millions each year but this is the first time that it has become available on a domestic scale,  making real energy and cash savings possible for households throughout the UK."

"We're extremely excited about exhibiting at ELEX as it gives us a fantastic opportunity to meet our customers and provide them with useful information and advice. With significant reductions in CO2 emissions with every installation and homeowners saving money off their electricity bills, this simple device is increasingly being recognised as the best and most effective green investment for the home. Once installed it requires no maintenance or change in lifestyle."

The VPhase unit has a payback of less than 5 years and with a 5 year warranty represents a risk free green investment. To register your interest in the ELEX event please visit where you will also find other events that VPhase will be attending, such as the National Home Improvement Show.

0845 003 8235

Following the market-leading M1 Series of mains power surge protectors,  Furse, a world leader in lightning protection, has now launched the new D1 Series – offering the lowest levels of let through voltage, combined with the convenience of mounting to a standard 35mm DIN rail.

Designed to deliver the most flexible mains power surge protection solution in today’s marketplace, the ESP D1 protector provides versatile and innovative mains power surge protection. Tested to the latest IEC standards with a 5 year warranty, the ESP D1 protector combines industry leading low let-through voltage with mains Type 1+2+3 protection in a single unit.  The popular 230/400V single and three phase units limit 6000V transient overvoltages to just 600V (Class III test). This level of protection is achieved between all conductors (full mode protection) ensuring all transient paths (common and differential modes) to equipment are protected. ESP D1 series are also available for 120/208V and 277/480V single and three
phase systems

To provide easy, hassle-free status checking whilst promoting best practice in surge protector installation, a choice of LED or advanced LCD displays are available. Plus, the display can be mounted remotely in the most convenient position for viewing and use, whilst the compact protector unit sits comfortably on the DIN rail allowing short connecting leads to the incoming supply for optimal equipment protection.

“The ESP D1 now provides the most practical, scalable solution to maintaining and monitoring surge protection devices. Including both local and remote status indication, the protector has advanced pre-failure warning displayed via an LCD or LED screen. For remote failure warning, the ESP D1 can be linked directly or via telecom modem to a building management system, buzzer or light via the Active Volt-free Contact within the unit. The unit also warns against power loss and potentially dangerous Neutral to Earth voltages,” said Samad Khan, Product Manager, Furse Electronic Surge Protection.

0115 964 3700

Danlers manufactures a comprehensive range of passive infra-red occupancy switches for automatic lighting control, including the popular wall mounted versions (pictured). The products are easy to install, using the existing wiring in a building.

Danlers passive infra-red occupancy switches bring the load on only when a person is present, thus saving on energy bills. Each model in the range includes an adjustable photocell override, adjustable time lag before switch off and a relay for switching up to 6 amps (1500W) of any type of load, including fluorescent lighting.

They are ideal for saving energy in offices, factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals, accommodation blocks and so on.

01249 443377

Engex, in association with participating CEF branches, are campaign partners in the HSE’s Ladder Exchange Initiative 2010.

The ladder exchange is part of ‘shattered lives’, a wider campaign to help reduce slips, trips and falls from height in the workplace.

Through the HSE’s Ladder Exchange Initiative, Engex will be providing contractors with the opportunity to dispose of, broken or battered ladders in replace for new ones.
From 1 September 2010 through to 30 November 2010, contractors are entitled to a discount off the purchase price of a brand new, safe one at participating CEF branches. The contractors must commit to the disposal of the ladder in a responsible way.

Visitors to the Engex website at can also download a voucher entitling them to further discount off the ladders available.

01952 272 381

Click Scolmore enters the home automation sector with the launch of a sophisticated Radio Frequency Wireless Control System that is set to rival current players in the market.

Simple and flexible installation, significant energy savings and easy programming are the key attributes of the new system, but it is the unique one touch centralised control panel that the company believes really sets it apart. Lighting, heating, appliances, shutters, blinds, gates, latches and garage doors can all be easily set and adjusted from this one single control panel.

The RF Control System is the first product to be launched through Click Scolmore’s newly-created ‘home automation division’ which has been set up in collaboration with leading European electronic devices manufacturer, EKLO EP.The Czech company has been established for 17 years and currently exports a range of products - including the iNELS brand of home automation systems - to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Designed specifically to address the problem of achieving portability without sacrificing functionality or performance, Megger’s latest MS-2A primary injection test sets weigh just 15 kg, yet they incorporate a variable high-current source that is capable of delivering up to 240 A at 3 V continuously for up to 30 minutes.

Ideally suited for testing the time-delay characteristics of over-current relays, motor overload relays and moulded-case circuit breakers rated at up to 125 A, the MS-2A test sets also have a generous over-current capability. This further extends their usefulness by allowing them to be used, for example, to verify the instantaneous trip function of moulded case circuit breakers at up to 750 A. Earth fault protection devices with window CTs can also be tested easily and conveniently.

The versatility of these test sets is further enhanced by the incorporation of a digital memory ammeter that has a read-and-hold function for capturing short-duration currents, and a digital multi-range timer with autoranging, which measures the operating time of the device under test with a resolution of one millisecond.

To ensure maximum reliability and to eliminate the need for contact maintenance, MS-2A test sets use a triac rather than a contactor to initiate the current output. The initiating circuit provides momentary and sustained modes to control output duration, allowing a very wide range of tests to be performed.

In addition to their use for testing low-voltage circuit breakers and over-current relays, MS-2A high-current primary injection test sets are also an ideal choice for carrying out earth-fault performance tests, verifying the ratio of current transformers, and checking the function of panel-mounted ammeters.

Housed in a high-strength suitcase-style enclosure with a carrying handle and removable lid, MS-2A test sets incorporate safety terminals and are supplied complete with standard 200 cm test leads. They comply fully with relevant international and European standards, and they carry the CE marking.


The new Allen-Bradley Kinetix 3 component servo drive from Rockwell Automation provides machine builders the ability to better match the needs of manufacturers without the complexity of traditional servo solutions.  Offered in models as small as 50 watts, the drive provides the flexibility to tailor axes to a machine’s actual power requirement, which will minimise system size and cost. Its compact design makes the drive ideal for machines that require less than 1.5 kW and up to 12.55 N-m of instantaneous torque, such as intermittent form/fill/seal machines, indexing tables, medical devices, laboratory automation equipment and semiconductor processing.

“Manufacturers are challenged by tougher economic conditions. There is less capital available for new equipment purchases and users expect solutions that are easier to use and also yield greater uptime and return on investment,” said Oliver Haya, product manager, Rockwell Automation. “When combining the new Kinetix 3 servo drive with Allen-Bradley MicroLogix controllers from Rockwell Automation, machine builders can deliver a cost-effective motion control solution for low-axis count applications that is simple to use and maintain.”

The Kinetix 3 component servo drive is easily configured using Allen-Bradley UltraWare, a free software available as part of the Kinetix Accelerator Toolkit. Configuration can be further simplified by using the automatic motor recognition with Allen-Bradley TL-Series rotary motors, TL-Series linear actuators, and LDL-Series and LDC-Series linear servo motors. Additional features include online vibration suppression, advanced auto-tuning and faster settling time which reduces start-up time by virtually eliminating many steps in the commissioning process. The drive can index up to 64 points via Modbus or through its digital inputs.

To further simplify the user experience, the drive can be incorporated into a connected component solution. The Connected Component Building Blocks (CCBB) for Kinetix 3 will provide CAD drawings, electrical layouts, Bill of Materials, sample code and operator interface screens. It will also include the ability to perform indexing operations for three axes over the Modbus network using the MicroLogix 1400 controller, Allen-Bradley PanelView component operator interface and TL-Series motors.

Rockwell Automation
Tel 0870 242 5004 
Fax 01908 839696
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Concordia Technologies, a leading supplier of electrical cables and cable accessories to UK and International customers, has announced the new addition to its comprehensive cable range - Cat 7 & Cat 7a Cable. 

Why Cat 7 & Cat 7a Cable?
This individually screened twisted pair cable is designed to fulfill and exceed the requirements of the most common cable standards.

Key Features
•    Each of the conductor pairs has its own shielding
•    Overall braiding
•    Tested to 600 MHz (Cat 7) or 1000 MHz (Cat 7a)
•    Cat 7 - Compliant to ISO/IEC 11801 Class F Requirements and IEC 61156-5:2002
•    Cat 7a - Compliant to Amendment 1 and 2 of ISO/IEC 11801 Class FA Requirements; IEC 61156-5: Edition 2.0 2009-02; EN50173:2007

•    10G Base-T 10 Gigabit Ethernet
•    Single Cable Support of Multiple Applications such as Ethernet, CATV, Analog Voice and VOIP
•    Future Applications such as 40G and 100G

Concordia Technologies
Tel: 01282 833950
Fax: 01282 833955
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RS Components (RS) has introduced its own range of products, ‘RS Essentials’, designed to deliver major cost reductions without ever compromising on quality. RS has always provided the widest range of products, competitive pricing and industry-leading service. Now it has put all this into its own wide range of products across key technologies. ‘RS Essentials’ offers more choice with cost savings when compared to the leading brands.

Over the years, RS has learned a lot from its customers and has built up a vast knowledge-base of what they need to operate efficiently and what they expect from the products they buy. It is this knowledge, together with keeping pace with technological developments, which has enabled RS to create its huge own-brand range – ‘RS Essentials’ – combining best value with best quality.

The ‘RS Essentials’ range now comprises over 30,000 products in such diverse areas as electronics and maintenance; covering capacitors and diodes, through to LED replacement lamps and bearings, to screen cleaners and hand tools.

‘RS Essentials’ products provide real value for money. Prices are regularly checked so that they stay ahead, and in these difficult times when margins are squeezed, choosing ‘RS Essentials’ will save customers money. On average, ‘RS Essentials’ are 20% cheaper than manufacturer prices, although this varies across the range, with some items offering even greater savings.

RS sources its ‘RS Essentials’ products both locally and globally. Once a potential supplier has been found, RS has an in-house team of specialist engineers who thoroughly test the products for their quality, their ability to meet specifications and their compliance with regulations and guidelines.

Alan Lund, Group Product Compliance Manager at RS, commented, "As a company, we're focused on always offering the highest quality products and there is a constant stream that needs to be checked for compliance, often down to component level. Our lab even carries out a range of specialist procedures to check for BSI/RoHS compliance where appropriate. We also have advanced expertise across the full range of electrical testing procedures.”

“Many vendors simply import and sell without product checks but this cannot be in the ultimate interests of anyone, particularly the customers’. When buying from the ‘RS Essentials’ range, customers can therefore be confident that they are getting outstanding quality and value.”

RS has introduced flags to highlight the ‘RS Essentials’ products, both online and within the catalogue, making it easier for customers to identify the range and choice available.

RS Components

The CT Analyzer from Omicron provides fast and comprehensive testing of current transformers for protection and metering applications.

Released in September, the improved CT Analyzer now features additional software functions and new hardware accessories. 

Residual magnetism measurement
As a new measurement function for the CT Analyzer, the RemAlyzer allows current transformers to be tested for residual magnetism.

Residual magnetism may occur in current transformers due to very high currents or DC offsets during fault conditions. Core saturation effects caused by residual magnetism, may lead to the incorrect operation of protection relays.

Testing of multi-ratio CTs
The new CT SB2 switch box for the automated testing of multi-ratio CTs is available as a stand-alone unit. This can be attached to the CT Analyzer thus eliminating the need for re-wiring. This provides simple, color-coded, six-channel connection possibilities guaranteeing convenient wiring and avoiding time-consuming and error-prone reconnection. 

Phone: +43 5523 507-0
Fax: +43 5523 507-999
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EPLAN Pro Panel offers specific 3D functionalities to define electrical and fluid engineering mounting layouts. The module starts with the brand-new 3D technology of the EPLAN Platform und facilitates a design process across various disciplines based on a common database.

EPLAN Pro Panel can be used to produce standardised mounting and production drawings quickly and easily with associative model views. It offers all necessary functions for populating mounting panels or defining power units and valve blocks, based on EPLAN Electric P8 or EPLAN Fluid. Online access to all the devices in the design, the EPLAN parts management, and the EPLAN Data Portal is included. The project design approach can be chosen freely. For example, the mounting layout can be planned flexibly even before a schematic exists. The user can, if necessary, start with populating a mounting panel and design the schematic afterwards.

01709 704 100

JCE Energy has established itself as a specialist in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of control systems for renewable energy sources.

Featured in JCE Energy's portfolio is the Pioneering Zone1 Solar Power Pod which comes with a solar panel, to convert solar energy into electricity, a battery pack, to store energy for use during periods of darkness or shade, and a solar control unit, which provides battery management, monitoring and protection. The Solar Power Pod is suitable for use in potentially explosive areas and gives an instant and maintenance free AC/DC power source.

Typical applications for this product, in remote locations, include video monitoring, telecommunication systems, bird scaring solutions, valve monitoring, cathodic protection control, instrumentation and sensor monitoring.

JCE Group
01224 798 600


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