Intergated Engineering Software,  a developer of hybrid simulation tools for electromagnetic,  thermal and structural design analysis, has today announced updates to its entire product range. Version 8.0 brings a number of new general  enhancements which will make the software easier and quicker to use, in addition, improvements have been made specifically to the 2D and 3D  modeling products.

In all version 8.0 software, visualization tools have seen major improvements and now have the ability to undertake gradient contour plots, which will make use of the entire colour spectrum. Additionally, log plots to contours, arrows and isosurfaces have been  included for viewing data in both 2D and 3D over many orders of  magnitude.  Ambient temperature can now also be defined globally and  changed parametrically.  This is useful in 'what if' scenarios if a  device will be operated in different temperature environments.

In 3D versions of Integrated's software, including Amperes, Faraday and Singula, the ability to parallelize the computations is the greatest advance. Combining this ability with 64 bit processors and  by using 32 gigabytes of memory, speed increases of more than 50 times  have been achieved. The speed improvement achieved is radical and is  comparable to traveling somewhere by aeroplane rather than by  automobile. In most 3D programs the self-adaptive algorithms have  been altered to work seamlessly with the 3D BEM code, this is faster  and more accurate than the manual placement of elements. With the recent updates, Integrated's 3D software becomes as easy to use as  creating the geometry, specifying the physical parameters, and simply pressing the 'solve' button.

Integrated's 2D software, including Electro and Lorentz, is already well known for its ease of use.  Improvements in version 8.0 mean 2D  programs now have a far tighter coupling between the electric and  thermal fields.  As the temperature of the device changes the  electrical properties dependant on temperature will be updated. The ability to create transient boundary conditions and sources has also  been radically improved, sources are now created in the source library and then assigned. Handling transient problems has been the main  emphasis of v8.0 for all Integrated's 2D solvers. The addition of a true 'time modeler' enables the user to create almost any time signal possible. Standard time signals such as square waveforms can be added  or multiplied with other standard functions such as logoriths or  sinusoids. In addition, tabular sources can be imported trivially.

DBruce Klimpke, technical director at Integrated Engineering Software, commented, "We are constantly working to make upgrades to our products  to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of the engineering software discipline. The updates we have made now puts both the 2D and 3D  products from Integrated at the very forefront of what can currently be achieved with engineering software. We anticipate that version 8.0 will signal significant improvements for our customers. To take full advantage of the updates we recommend that users upgrade computers to  64 bit machines with quad processors and as much memory as possible".

Version 8 of the software is available from Integrated Engineering Software now. All the company's software is offered with a 30 day free trial.


Integrated Engineering Software
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Wireless telemetry specialist Radio-Tech has developed a low-cost automatic meter reading (AMR) transmitter for walk-by and drive-by monitoring of energy and water usage. The Smartlog Ultralite provides an alternative to costly fixed networks, but can also be used as an add-on to extend the range of an existing system.

The IP68-rated device is suitable for above- or below-ground applications, including sub-metering. Its firmware can also be upgraded wirelessly.

The transmitter stores the pulse output from the meter pulse head or reed switch and then transmits the total in a secure data packet, along with a status indication and unique ID address, typically at ten-second intervals.

Aside from being used to enforce drought restrictions or apply block and seasonal tariffs, Smartlog Ultralite can also monitor for leakage and provide daily consumption amounts which can be used for accurate billing.

The product has a maximum operating distance of 100m and up to ten years' battery life. Its dimensions are 40 x 36 x 110mm.

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Engineers need suitable component data that can be imported directly into a project. The web-based EPLAN data portal delivers around 100,000 pieces of the latest tested and certified component and device data from numerous component manufacturers - thereby giving users an extra productivity boost.

An extensive collection of device and component data provided directly by companies such as ABB, Rittal, Phoenix Contact and Lapp Kabel, which has been verified for use in the EPLAN platform ensures, seamless engineering at maximum speed. A desired component can be found by using a keyword, manufacturer name, product group or catalogue view in the direct search function. The time-consuming act of browsing through catalogues and manually transferring information are a thing of the past. Consistent and reliable data is entered directly in a project from the EPLAN data portal - with all the convenient functions of a web-based solution.

With just a click, complete macros of, for example, PLC devices, measuring transducers or frequency converters can be imported into an EPLAN project. Integrated connection diagrams and function templates provide the exact representation of complex devices and components. This not only ensures a smooth implementation due to the data being available in 'EPLAN-ready' format for immediate use in the project, but the result is a faster delivery due to more intelligent planning, more reliable placement on the mounting panel and more efficient wiring.

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Finder has updated and extended its 12 Series of 16A time switches, commonly used in a  range of lighting, heating and ventilation applications.  Comprising mechanical and digital daily and weekly time switches, the 12 Series has been completely redesigned to increase the number of switching points and minimum interval settings and to improve the man-machine interface.

With all 12 Series time switches now enabling direct switching of lighting loads up to 2000W and AC1 loads up to 4000VA, they also significantly reduce the need for additional slave switching components.

Added to the mechanical time switch range, the 12.31 is Finder's first to be offered in a 72mm square front panel mounted housing.  Providing a large visible timing dial, it offers users easier access and simpler daily or weekly programming.  The device complements the space saving, 35mm rail mounted 12.01 and 12.11 daily time switches.
The 12.21 and 12.22 digital weekly time switches have also undergone a significant face-lift.  Now equipped with a much larger 'wide screen' LCD display panel and bigger and more tactile push buttons, the time switches make programming a far more intuitive task.  Single and double pole output versions respectively, the time switches offer users an impulse output function and automatic winter/summer time adjustment.

New to the 12 Series, the 12.91 and 12.92 digital weekly time switches provide an 'astro' programming capability enabling switching according to local sunrise and sunset times, calculated automatically from current date, time and either local longitude and latitude or nearest major city.  The timers support up to 60 on/off output switching events, programmable to the nearest minute and impulse outputs programmable from 1 second through to 59 minutes 59 seconds.

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Amtech 2010 is the latest generation of electrical design and test and inspection software,  optimised to deliver a variety of time saving and productivity benefits and will help users work smarter and increase their profitability. In turn, this reinforces the company's commitment to ensuring its customers have access to advanced technologies that evolve with their needs.

Amtech 2010 incorporates upgraded versions of FastTest, FastTest Domestic and FastTest Mobile, ProDesign and ProDesign Domestic and SingleCable software. Each of these programs feature significant enhancements to both functionality and ease of use.

In FastTest 2010, for example, navigation through on-screen certificates is now much easier, while the new ‘last page bookmark' highlights the last focal point viewed on a certificate. Other new features include customisable tabs in certificate browser, traffic light indication of certificate status plus the new user login feature and user image association which enhances.

In parallel, FastTest Mobile brings all of the productivity advantages of mobile working with an extensive range of time saving features, such as enhanced email on the move.

ProDesign 2010, has also enjoyed a major upgrade with a host of new features to accelerate key design processes and increase efficiency; including the  powerful data entry module, along with faster selection of protective devices, busbar diversity, detailed discrimination reports and a new calculation engine for fault level calculations. A selection of these new features can also be found in SingleCable 2010.



01908 608 833

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Deif's new scrappage scheme gets you a 25% price reduction on a new AGC-3 in exchange for handing in your old gen-set controller.

The AGC-3 is said to be one of the most advanced and versatile control systems of today. It is designed to protect and control your gen-set under the most testing conditions. It will handle
applications ranging from a single unit to extremely complex power plants.

An AGC-3 can now be yours for just 75% of the market price. All you need to do is hand
in your old controller to Deif. Manufactured by Deif or not, makes no difference. The company accepts any brand. It will then provide you with the control solution, service plus help and support that you need.

AGC-3 facts
• Seven standard operation modes
• Engine, generator, tie, bus tie and mains protection
• Advanced power management with full redundancy at communication
• M-logic lets you dedicate specific functions or logic conditions to different in- and outputs
• J1939 engine communication provides interface to not only monitor and protect the
engine, but also to regulate, start and stop it (ADEC, MDEC, J1939 Generic)

Deif (UK)
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Schneider Electric has enhanced its measuring and monitoring solutions with the introduction of PowerView - a power and energy monitoring software, suitable for small system applications to help businesses save money and energy.

The PowerView software works with Schneider Electric's PowerLogic EGX100 integrated gateway and comprehensive range of meters. It allows users to track real time power conditions and remotely monitor electrical equipment and installations across an entire electrical network. Through the system, users can measure the energy consumption of specific applications or circuits by day and hour, analyse and compare total harmonic distortion, produce reports and plot trends.

The software is capable of reading up to 32 meters, transferring data from RS485 on which the metering devices run, to the Ethernet port on which the PowerLogic gateway operates, allowing data to be viewed on the user's computer. The PowerView software is compatible with an extensive choice of Schneider Electric's metering devices, including the award-winning Compact NSX Moulded Case Circuit Breaker that also monitors energy and power, as well as the entire PowerLogic range.

The system allows organisations to achieve transparent energy management and by having an integrated gateway, software and metering function, helps businesses qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance on Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (AM&T) equipment.

Zina Shair, marketing engineer at Schneider Electric says: "The PowerView software allows us to offer a complete solution for small buildings and industrial plants to measure and monitor their energy consumption. By tracking real-time power conditions, analysing power quality, reliability and studying historical trends, businesses can pinpoint energy waste or unused capacity, as well as verify efficiency improvements and allocate energy usage to buildings, departments or processes. This will then help to cut energy-related costs, avoid downtime and optimise equipment utilisation."

Schneider Electric

0870 608 8 608


Danlers manufacture energy saving controls for lighting and HVAC including PIR occupancy switches, Photocells, Daylight-linked dimmers, Time lag switches, PIR thermostat controls and the newly launched PIR occupancy switch modules.

Installing Danlers energy saving switches can significantly reduce energy bills as well as carbon emissions, which is an increasingly important focus for many UK businesses.

All Danlers products are easy to install. The controls make use of existing wiring and are suitable for retrofitting or new builds. They are ideal for installing in offices, factories, schools, hospitals and many other applications.

All Danlers energy saving products are manufactured in the UK and come with a 5 year warranty.

Tel: 01249 443377 
Fax: 01249 443388
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In just one year after its much anticipated launch, the Eplan data portal has had a  tremendous effect on engineering - 4.5 million downloads speak for themselves. This web-based portal delivers around 100,000 items of the latest tested and certified component and device data from numerous leading component manufacturers, thereby giving users an extra productivity boost.

In addition to perfect software support, engineers need suitable component data that can be imported directly into a project. With its extensive collection of device and component data from renowned manufacturers, the Eplan data portal ensures seamless engineering at maximum speed. In no time at all, a desired component can be found by using a keyword, manufacturer's name, product group or catalogue view in the direct search function. The time-consuming act of browsing through catalogues and manually transferring information are a thing of the past. Data is entered directly in a project from the Eplan data portal - with all the convenient functions of a web-based solution.

Manufacturers currently participating in Eplan data portal are ABB, B&R, Bachmann Electronic, Eaton/Moeller, HARTING, Helukabel, Igus, Lapp Kabel, Martens Elektronik, Michael Riedel Transformatoren, Pepperl+Fuchs, Phoenix Contact, Pilz, Rittal, Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, SEW, Siemens, Vishay ESTA, WAGO, Weidmüller.

Eplan data portal
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MyElectricalJobs was launched in February 2010. Unlike other job boards, MyElectricalJobs only accepts positions related to the electrical industry.

This allows specialist recruiters who are working on vacancies in the contracting, wholesaling or electrical manufacturing sectors to place their jobs on the site.

Jobseekers can register their details on the site and apply for roles direct with the employer.

David Marshall, one of the people behind MyElectricalJobs decided the industry needed its own job board. After many years working as an electrical engineer both in contracting, wholesale and manufacturing, and now with nearly 15 years recruiting in the electrical sector, he thought the idea of the industry recruiters and the professional candidates coming together in one place would be a success.

It is easy for anyone looking for a new role to register, and currently the site is open to companies and recruiters to advertise their positions free of charge. The company who places the advert will be able to see applications on the site and review the CV of the applicant.

Work is still taking place on the site layout and features. A CV search facility will be added soon. Any feedback on the site is welcome.

The site has created interest with job seekers in the industry and its first recruiters have posted vacancies and are receiving applications.

Following the M1 Series of mains power surge protectors,  Furse has now launched the new D1 Series - offering the lowest levels of let through voltage, combined with the convenience of mounting to a standard 35mm DIN rail.

Designed to deliver the most flexible mains power surge protection solution in today's marketplace, the ESP D1 protector provides versatile and innovative mains power surge protection. Tested to the latest IEC standards with a 5 year warranty, the ESP D1 protector combines industry leading low let-through voltage with mains Type 1+2+3 protection in a single unit.  The popular 230/400V single and three phase units limit 6000V transient overvoltages to just 600V (Class III test). This level of protection is achieved between all conductors (full mode protection) ensuring all transient paths (common and differential modes) to equipment are protected. ESP D1 series are also available for 120/208V and 277/480V single and three
phase systems

To provide easy, hassle-free status checking whilst promoting best practice in surge protector installation, a choice of LED or advanced LCD displays are available. Plus, the display can be mounted remotely in the most convenient position for viewing and use, whilst the compact protector unit sits comfortably on the DIN rail allowing short connecting leads to the incoming supply for optimal equipment protection.

"The ESP D1 now provides the most practical, scalable solution to maintaining and monitoring surge protection devices. Including both local and remote status indication, the protector has advanced pre-failure warning displayed via an LCD or LED screen. For remote failure warning, the ESP D1 can be linked directly or via telecom modem to a building management system, buzzer or light via the Active Volt-free Contact within the unit. The unit also warns against power loss and potentially dangerous Neutral to Earth voltages," sais Samad Khan, Product Manager - Furse Electronic Surge Protection.

0115 964 3700

Finder has introduced a series of microprocessor-based room thermostats providing a  temperature setting resolution accuracy of 0.1ºC and advanced setting options to help reduce energy usage in residential and commercial environments.

Two new slimline thermostats are offered, each in a choice of grey or white housings:  the 1T.31 provides LCD display and pushbutton temperature setting, while the 1T.41 provides LED indication and analogue dial temperature setting.

For both variants, selection of off, winter/heating and summer/cooling setting modes is very simple with either LCD display or blue/red colour coded LED indicators ensuring quick recognition of operating status.

A day/night selector enables temperatures to be set back by 3ºC to help further reduce energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable ambient environment.  In addition, a +5ºC frost protection setting in the off mode helps protect against burst pipes.

Designed to be used together if required in the same building, both digital and analogue thermostats are presented in a consistent 18mm deep, IP20 rated housing for wall mounting.  The thermostat supply voltage is provided by two AAA 1.5V batteries and the output contact is a 5A, 230VAC changeover relay.

+44 (0) 1785 818100

Outram Research - a specialist manufacturer of leading-edge power quality monitors and analysers - announces that Bluetooth is available across its entire power quality range, becoming the first manufacturer to enable Bluetooth remote control on all its products. This means power engineers can control the entire range of Outram's power quality analysers with one application running on a PDA.

Power quality analysers are often deployed in electrical cabinets or other difficult to reach locations, making it hard for engineers to read integrated displays. Outram's software, PmScreens provides configuration and power quality data on a convenient PDA display eliminating problems due to the location of the analyser whilst allowing a more rugged solution by eliminating the need for large fragile displays to be integrated into the equipment.

In addition to displaying configuration data such as phasor diagram information to validate correct operation, engineers can access real time power quality information using a wireless Bluetooth connection between the PDA and the analyser. As well as for example current, voltage, power, power factor and flicker, engineers can access harmonic data, and, in the PM7000 this capability extends to over 500 parameters, detailed information about events such as sags (dips), surges and interruptions in power, and to waveforms, transients and interharmonics.

"The Bluetooth technology is ideal to enable remote control of power quality equipment without disturbing or gaining access to the installation. This means eliminating the need to take safety precautions; no locking and unlocking of cabinets, no need to turn off the power and no need to take time consuming precautions like putting on protective equipment," said John Outram, managing director of Outram Research. "The connection is almost always reliable even if the cabinet in which the analyser is deployed is metal and closed. And with the processing power of the wide variety of PDAs and mobile phones available, PmScreens can provide enhanced colour graphics to help speed the process of troubleshooting power quality problems."

Bluetooth technology is provided as standard on the Ranger PM7000 power quality analyser, the industry's Cat IV 600V Phase A-powered analyser, and is available as an option on all other Outram analysers, including the 3-phase PM3000, single-phase PM1000 and the split-phase PM2000 that is designed specifically to troubleshoot power quality problems at residential premises in the USA.

Outram Research
01243 573050