Push buttons, call points and switches

Product News

Safety Technology International are well known for their unique Stopper Line; polycarbonate covers, alarms and heavy-duty cages that protect fire and security products from vandalism. However, did you know they also offer an extensive range of multi-purpose push buttons, resettable call points and switches?

With numerous activation choices, colours and label options the range that now incorporates the StopperStations and the new Global ReSet can accommodate a wide variety of applications around the World.

The StopperStation series have been extremely successful in the USA and STI is excited to announce that the buttons can now fit a standard UK-type socket box. A surface mounting back box is also available.  What has made the StopperStations so popular is that they incorporate a unique, patented design that dramatically stops accidental activations.  The robust appearance makes them ideal for use in an industrial setting.  STI covers can also be fitted to add an extra level of protection.

The range is continuously evolving and the latest investment is in the newest edition to the ReSet Call Point series, the UL listed Global ReSet. A unique manual call point mimics the feel of breaking glass whilst offering the user the benefits and environmental advantages of a resettable operating element. The dual mount feature can fit a standard UK-type socket box or a US-type gang box. A surface mounting back box is also available.  

For further information, call Sales on +44 (0)1527 520 999, visit www.sti-emea.com or email sales@sti-emea.com.