Back to basics smart solution

Product News

Scolmore’s range of Click Smart intelligent wiring accessories aims to strip home automation right back to basics to offer a smart solution that has at its core, accessibility and simplicity for the installer and end user. 

The ‘Click Smart’ range provides a system that makes it easy, quick and relatively inexpensive to adapt and update a home to provide extra security, energy saving, comfort and control for homeowners and other occupants.

The Smart Switches within the range make it easier than ever for installers to provide an upgrade to an existing wiring installation with minimal disruption.  

Adding an additional switch to an existing light without the need for cabling; solving the problem of continuous flickering when you switch on one of your lights with a rotary dimmer (wired); and  introducing two-way dimming control from separate locations (wired) are just three of the problems that can easily be solved. 


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