Smart product of the year award

Product News

Product manager, Cornelius Plath, was delighted to accept the Middle East Electricity product award on behalf of Omicron and particularly, the team who worked on the Testrano 600 development. The award was made in the Smart Power Product of the Year category for Omicron’s new power transformer test system. 

Given that testing of power transformers is quite time consuming with different test sets, lots of re-connecting, and multiple trips up and down the transformer, Testrano 600 cuts testing time hugely as the three-phase source allows excitation of all three windings at the same time.

This gives customers the ability to measure the voltage ratio and actual phase shift.  In today’s economic environment time is a valuable resource for many of our customers. Therefore, Omicron’s vision to develop a test system which makes power transformer testing quicker and easier than ever before, has been realised.

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