Thermal management for enclosures and panels

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Stego has launched three new exciting product lines to its ever expanding range, in thermal management for enclosures and panels.

Stegojet is an excellent example of Stego’s continuous pursuit of research and developing innovative products for all types of enclosures and panels. Stegojet is a very compact powerful fan designed to keep heat sources cool and prevent “hot spots”, as well as a circulating fan to optimise heat distribution.

The new Stego Hygrotherm simultaneously monitors temperature and humidity independently and reacts instantly to climate changes, in order to prevent the formation of condensation. It provides easy status check via the LEDs on the device and is also available with an added extra external sensor, which can be placed in critical locations in the enclosure.

Stego’s new fan heater series, the HVI030 range is the right combination – small, efficient and innovative. With 500w, 600w and 700w units, producing high efficiency and performance, for all requirements with high forced air-flow. All versions can be ordered with or without a fan, even using your own sourced axial-fan.

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