Sophisticated test and measurement

Product News


TJ|H2b is proud to announce its recent partnership with DV Power, bringing you the newest and best products DV Power has to offer.

Founded in 2002, DV Power is internationally known to develop, manufacture and supply the most sophisticated test and measurement equipment for the power industry.


Their product line includes:

•Tap changer analysers and winding ohmmeters - test currents up to 100 A DC, the best OLTC analysis in the market

•Micro ohmmeters - up to 800 A DC

•Circuit breaker analysers and timers - excellent analysis tools

•Breaker supply units - supplying up to 40 A AC/DC

•Breaker coil analysers - unique instruments

•True three-phase transformer turns ratio testers - the most accurate in the market

•Three-phase transformer demagnetizers - completely automatic


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