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Eaton has launched its new Power Xpert CX, an IEC low voltage switchgear with a range up to 4000 amperes (A). Power Xpert CX is compact, ergonomic and flexible and provides reliable motor control and power distribution functionality for industrial and commercial installations.

The innovative design, combined with Eaton's expertise in low voltage applications, brings a new, reliable platform that can be at the heart of any motor control or power distribution system and is especially suitable for applications where the delivery of electrical energy is business critical such as those found in the water, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, infrastructure, pulp and paper, mining and steel industries, as well as industrial facilities and commercial buildings.


The new system features an innovative and patented mechanical test position for secondary circuit testing of the withdrawable unit. This allows the control circuits to be tested with both incoming and outgoing power terminals disconnected. Other features include a coloured indicator which shows the position of the withdrawable unit from a distance, and Ingress Protection (IP) integrity IP3X which is not compromised when the unit is in the test position.

Eaton’s PowerXpert CX is also a reliable solution for applications where the supply of energy is important for business processes, and the withdrawable units can be exchanged without having to disconnect power and/or control cabling.

PowerXpert CX is verified by testing according to IEC 61439-2 and EN 61439-2 guaranteeing maximum operational and personnel safety.

In combination with Eaton's MV Switchgear, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), busbar trunking, panelboard, distribution boards and project management and service capabilities, CX is part of any complete turn-key solution for all power distribution and control applications.

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