Tools chosen for testing at WorldSkills

Product News

Fluke test tools, with rapid troubleshooting capabilities, have been chosen by WorldSkills London 2011 to be used by Competitors within the Electronics category at the Competition (, which will be held over four days at ExCeL London from 5-8 October 2011.


The Fluke 124 ScopeMeter and the high-accuracy Fluke 287 Electronics Logging Digital Multimeter (DMM) have been selected for the participants to use in the ‘Electronics' competition. Electronics technicians manufacture and test electronic systems and equipment and are often needed to build prototypes before production because manufacturing processes are highly automated. Electronics technicians are also skilled at problem solving. Many organisations depend on their electronic systems and the electronic technicians who manage, monitor and install them. Electronics specialists are also increasingly needed to replace outdated equipment in organisations like factories and power companies.

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