Progressive Logistics Group makes big energy savings with LED lighting rollout

Product News

EcolightingUK is installing its LED lighting at Bibby Distribution sites across the country following its project at the Wakefield site to upgrade the previous fluorescent systems.

As part of the Bibby Line Group, Bibby Distribution has been changing the way that businesses think about their logistics for over 30 years.

Each of the 44 racking aisles and marshalling areas at Bibby’s Wakefield warehouse have been fitted with Ecolighting’s Pegasus LEDs to replace the original T5 fittings that were in place. Six 250W Pegasus LED luminaires per aisle now provide an improved light level and work alongside the Altos emergency LED high bay sensors that make savings based on the level of activity.

Ecolighting has also installed nine of its Medusa LED amenity luminaires outside the building and in the car park and HGV yard.

"There are a number of benefits that have come from installing the new LEDs," said Chris Earle, Property Asset Manager at Bibby Distribution. "These include meeting the required lux level and exceeding the minimum required, not having to worry about regular upkeep and maintenance for the fittings and having the emergency lighting feature included was another requirement taken care of."

Ecolighting’s Pegasus uses an Osram driver and top quality Osram LEDs to give 166 lumens per watt and up to 80% energy saving in installations. At Bibby, this represents an annual saving of more than £88,000 in energy, replacement lamps, climate change levy reductions, maintenance and carbon credits.