Emergency battery solution for the next generation

Product News

LED lighting solutions specialist Bri-Tek Technologies has launched a leading-edge emergency battery solution that can convert any lighting fixture to emergency lighting. Manufactured in the UK, the new LED Emergency Battery Pack utilises the latest in LED battery technology and has been designed for LED lighting as a maintained solution although the battery back-up can also work as a non-maintained solution for most types of light fittings including a range of architectural lighting fixtures.

Approved by the Lighting Industry Association (LIA), this emergency lighting solution provides a universal emergency battery pack that can be used across a wide wattage range from 3-80W and is compatible with any manufacturers LED luminaires up to 42V DC – excluding the requirement to carry multiple battery back variants for different wattages.

Utilising an advanced battery, and the latest premium specification components, allows the pack to deliver reliable back-up power of up to three hours, all within an ultra-slim, low profile form factor of 170mm x 60mm x 35mm. Whilst, an emergency output voltage range of between 5-42V DC ensures adequate emergency illumination is provided for even the most demanding applications.

Easy to install, the battery pack offers a simple plug and play solution suitable for a wide range of applications from social housing to residential apartment blocks and even local authority buildings, plus much more.

Mohamed Hanslod, chief executive officer of Bri-Tek Technologies, said: “The LED Emergency Battery Pack not only offers a high-performance solution for a range of emergency lighting applications but it is also compatibility with any LED luminaire up to 42V DC and can operate across a wide wattage range from 3-80W, delivering a truly universal emergency lighting solution to the market.

“Our staff spent more than 3,000-man hours in development, to ensure that the emergency battery pack ran smoothly and delivered the best performance for a range of applications. As a business we don’t plan to stop there, as we have also developed a ground-breaking strip solution which can be used with LED and non-led fittings. This offers the perfect solution for retrofitting emergency lighting into premises with existent T5 T8 tube fittings.”

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