All fired up over fire cable specification

Product News

Against the backdrop of increased focus on raising safety standards, Newey & Eyre is reminding installers that, when it comes to specifying fire rated cable, it’s important to choose from a reputable manufacturer to ensure quality control.

As we all know, soft skin fire performance control cables are an essential part of a buildings emergency and safety systems, designed to protect a system’s circuit integrity when under fire conditions.

Today’s contractors must be extremely careful, not just in terms of choosing the right type of fire cable for the application, but to also be vigilant about the quality of cable. However, with so many different products on the market, some of which are distinctly lesser quality than others, it can be all too difficult to ensure a cable meets the standards it claims.

With this in mind, Newey & Eyre recently extended its product offer with the introduction of the innovative NoBurn range from Ventcroft, which, unlike many manufacturers, has a cable type to meet all the UK requirements for soft skin fire cables in accordance with the BS 5839 and the BS 8519 Code of Practice.

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