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AMP Group announces acquisition of Harland Simon UPS

AMP Procurement Limited has announced it has purchased the intellectual property rights of Harland Simon UPS Limited (HSUPS) and established a new company, AMP Power Protection Limited (APPL), to run this business.

AMP has full rights and access to all designs and documentation of all equipment supplied by HSUPS since 1995. APPL will provide power protection solutions to customers working in industrial applications, including custom design, supply, testing, project management, independent testing, documentation, as well as service and support of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and commercial off the shelf UPS products. 

APPL has employed five of the senior management team previously employed by HSUPS and is operational and ready to support HSUPS customers.

AMP provides supply chain management services to a range of customers. Principally operating within the defence sector, AMP Procurement also provides services to various government agencies including social housing projects and the NHS. 

AMP MD Martin Peacock said, “We are delighted with the acquisition. The IP of the former Harland Simon UPS division had an excellent name in the industry – and in addition, this is a perfect alignment for AMP’s current strategy within the defence sector, as well as moving into the transport and utility sectors.”

APPL CEO Andy Parfitt added, “This is an exciting new venture. With the support of AMP Procurement, we have have been able to quickly and efficiently establish AMP Power Protection. We are now ready to supply and support power protection products in harsh industrial applications, productions ranging from commercial off the shelf to ruggedised solutions up to custom built systems in full compliance with customer detailed specifications and application requirements. We can also supply and support the Harland ProtectUPS range of products. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with our customers and suppliers.”



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