WRTL Exterior Lighting?s Arc lanterns are helping to keep Back O? Th? Moss estate in Heywood, Lancs, a safer, lighter place. Replacing old low pressure sodium lamps, the white light from the high pressure Arc?s has been welcomed by residents, who had seen lighting levels suffer through vandalism. The scheme used 200 vandal-resistant polycarbonate bowl arc units fitted with 100W CDM-TT lamps. Aluminium castings ensure a corrosion-free lifespan, while double ingress protection and controlled breathing technology ensure moisture is kept out.

Novar is supplying the life safety and building management systems for Heathrow Terminal 5. An artists impression of the new terminal.

In a contract worth up to ?42million, the package, claims Novar, will be of a scale never seen before in the UK. It comprises Novar?s Gent-brand fire detection, voice alarm and PA system, in tandem with its Trend building controls. The Gent package will incorporate around 30,000 detection points and up to 100,000 loudspeakers, which Novar claims will set a new size record. The company is totally responsible for the contract ? from management, through safety and quality issues, to engineering, installing and commissioning ? avoiding duplication of costs for the ?3.7billion Terminal.

The British winter is upon us and contractors will require the right mix of equipment to help them stay on the job. A new catalogue from Birchwood ?Winter Survival 2003? offers winter-beating kit at low prices. Take your pick from lighting, heating, power distribution, pump and safety footwear ranges, and make sure that you stay safe, secure, dry, bright and warm throughout the winter months. Winter Survival 2003 will features a selection of submersible and surface-mounted pumps built to deal with the demanding needs of on-site applications. This year?s promotion also includes Birchwood?s new safety footwear range, Scruffs, a street-styled safety footwear that meets legal requirements in the workplace, while providing a non-industrial look. Birchwood?s full range of essential winter-based products is available from major hire centres, builder?s merchants and electrical distributors nationwide. Tel: +44 (0) 115 944 2422 Fax: +44 (0) 115 944 4450

SJP Business Media is delighted to announce a new-look Electrical Review where we will continue to provide you with the news, technology, comment and features you have come to expect, but in an updated design and on upgraded paper stock. Over the coming months we will also be publishing a series of dedicated industry supplements alongside the magazine. If there are areas you would like to see covered in more depth or you would like to submit an article for consideration, we would be delighted to hear from you, simply email the editor, Elinore Mackay, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To view the latest issue of the magazine in a digital format, please use the black and white button on the left of the home page.

Telecoms provider Cable & Wireless recently quadrupled its Guernsey operations with three new hosting facilities, all dependent on a clean and secure supply of electricity and standby power from Riello UPS.

Cable & Wireless' IP/IT Engineering Manager Rik Toms, said: "It's not just that we need continuous uptime from our computer and business systems. As providers of secure hosting, our customers rely on our ability to deliver it too. It's a chain reaction - if we go down, they go down and so do their customers."

Power failure has been known to damage a company's reputation and the future prosperity of business - as well as computer equipment.

Unprecedented growth in online business over the last twelve months has lead to a dramatic increase in C&W's need for rack space at its Guernsey hosting facilities. To address this, Riello has installed one of its most resilient UPS solutions, using the latest Riello UPS Master Plus energy-efficient designs and ensuring maximum power protection with as small a footprint as possible.

A two-unit (2 x 400kVA) parallel-redundant system and a three-unit (3 x 200kVA) parallel-redundant (N+1) were both considered but the parallel-redundant (N+1) option was adopted for its ability to meet objectives - including an estimated 35 per cent increase in available rack space and optimum resilience. It also balances power capability with the avoidance of expensive over-specification and a greater need for power-hungry air-conditioning. Master Plus has a small footprint (its smallest configuration is only 0.64 square metres).

"With the N+1, the UPS units can share the load; and if one goes down, the other two can still cope - it's pretty much fail-safe," Toms explains.

A second-line of protection comes from Cable & Wireless' four 440kVA, one 600kVA and one 1MVA standby generators.

The UPS bridges the gap between a mains power failure and generator start-up using a battery set capable of running for 20 minutes. It continuously filters and conditions the voltage, keeping it to within specified levels to maximise performance and minimise equipment wear-and-tear in the face of the power sags, surges, brownouts and fluctuations that can damage hardware and cause data loss or corruption - particularly in a highly equipped environment such as this.

Work started mid-summer in 2007, with a commitment that all facilities would be on-line by November. In fact, the project was completed in just 77 days thanks to meticulous planning and out-of-hours working.

Riello UPS also installed PowerShield³ software, which allows the Cable & Wireless team (internally) or Riello (externally) to carry out UPS monitoring and management.

Electrical Recruitment Specialists has announced the launch of its new website, featuring links to industry related websites, industry news feeds, CV registration and the opportunity to upload a vacancy.

Electrical Recruitment claims to have placed successful candidates in 90% of the positions it has handled in the last year.

For more information visit www.electricalrecruit.co.uk.

Cisco and Landis+Gyr today announced they will work together on a holistic approach to smart grid communications infrastructure that is expected to help utility companies and their customers manage energy better.

The collaboration is intended to accelerate the delivery of standards-based solutions for the energy industry and facilitate the integration of existing capabilities with renewable power sources, plug-in vehicles and distribution automation functionality.

The engagement between the two companies will build upon Landis+Gyr's expertise in advanced metering infrastructure and applications as well as Cisco's experience in defining the architecture of an end-to-end networking and security solution. A goal of the collaboration will be to promote open standards as well as enable a smart grid ecosystem where a variety of solutions can be integrated and optimised.

"As the largest global player in electricity metering with one of the broadest portfolios of products and services, we believe working with Cisco to establish an interoperable infrastructure will empower utilities and consumers to improve their energy efficiency, reduce their energy costs and thus contribute to a sustainable use of resources," said Andreas Umbach, president and chief operating officer of Landis+Gyr. "I believe this agreement is key for both companies. Together we have the opportunity to shape, in a meaningful way, the evolving smart grid."

"The time is now to invest in a smart connected infrastructure for the 21st century that is based on open standards. Innovation and collaboration with companies like Landis+Gyr will further enable Cisco to deliver IP-based smart grid solutions and promote an open ecosystem for smart grid development. Together, we can help utilities drive new service models and develop additional revenue streams such as energy-related services for home and building energy management, while achieving energy efficiency and cost savings for consumers," said Marthin de Beer, senior vice president of Cisco's Emerging Technologies Group.

Landis+Gyr's and Cisco's collaboration aims to capitalise on the strengths of open standards, such as IP, allowing for greater ease of deployment and scalability, as well as optimised efficiency of communications networks. The two companies plan to work on future architectures in the areas of smart metering, the utility data centre, and wireless and fixed last-mile communications with the objective to ensure interoperability across Cisco's and Landis+Gyr's smart grid solutions.

Siemens and Landis+Gyr, a provider of smart metering solutions, have agreed a partnership in order to elaborate common standards. The standards will not only establish interoperability but are intended to give utilities the requisite security for their investments in smart grids.

Changing needs and growing demands characterise the situation of today's power utilities. Main drivers are fluctuating infeed, the need to integrate distributed energy resources, aging infrastructure, multi directional power flow and a changing legal and regulatory framework - to name a few. One solution to these challenges is the expansion of power supply networks to produce smart grids: "We have a full-scope smart grid portfolio with all the products and systems necessary for such expansion, in addition to that we widen our solution portfolio by working with Landis+Gyr," said Ralf Christian, CEO of the power distribution division of Siemens Energy.

"As a global market leader in smart metering products and solutions we are pleased we have won Siemens as our partner. Together we will build an interoperable path, which will lead utilities – either directly or in stages - to the realisation of their smart grid visions," said Andreas Umbach, president and chief operating officer of Landis+Gyr.

Recolight, a not-for-profit WEEE compliance scheme for the lighting industry, has announced a record year in 2009, funding the collection and recycling of over 25 million gas discharge lamps (GDLs).

Since 2008, Recolight has recycled 50 million lamps which equates to roughly a fifth of a tonne of mercury, which would otherwise have gone to landfill.


Announcing the success Recolight chief executive, Nigel Harvey said: "We are delighted through the support of our members, the Recolight team and our partners, we have been able to collect such a substantial amount of gas discharge lamps, and more than any other compliance scheme.

"Our success is testament to our commitment to making lamp recycling as simple and cost effective as possible. Through our unique collection network of 1000 collection points and our on-demand collections - all of which are open to any brand of lamp and provided free of charge - we have achieved record recycling rates.

"In 2010 we will look to build on this success both in the B2B sector and through improving the recycling infrastructure for consumer waste lamps. We have already announced our partnership with Sainsbury's to collect lamps and batteries at 200 stores nationwide and by the end of the year we aim to have collection containers at an additional 400 local authority bring sites across the country."


The role of KNX as a worldwide standard for home and building control (ISO/IEC 14543) is being underlined at the Light+Building exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany (11-16 April 2010). The international KNX Association will be exhibiting under the theme of ‘20 years of KNX' with stands at four different locations at the exhibition.

In addition, over 100 KNX member companies will be displaying their newest KNX developments on their own stands. The KNX UK Association is fully supporting the exhibition with board members and delegates in attendance as well as a number of UK association members having their own company stands.

The biggest KNX event ever - the Celebration of 20 years of KNX and the KNX Awards 2010 Ceremony - will take place on Tuesday 13 April 2010 at 18:30 at the Forum Building within the exhibition.

At the main stand in Hall 8 members of the KNX User Clubs from different countries will be showing KNX applications in areas such as energy efficiency, multi-media, smart metering, audio/video, security, remote monitoring, etc. New applications showing the use of KNX RF for HVAC solutions will underpin the wide range of transmission media supported by KNX for home and building control, opening up new opportunities for integrators. The new version of the ETS programming tool will also be presented, placing particular emphasis on the improvement of work efficiency when creating KNX projects.

Intelligent lighting control technology from ABB played a major role in heightening the drama at the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.

The ibus KNX technology was supplied to the National Stadium, also known as the Birds Nest, to enable intelligent automation and control of all lighting, central automation, heating/ventilation control and energy management in the stadium.

ABB's ibus KNX technology played an instrumental role in the 2008 Beijing Olympics by implementing intelligent automation technology, including lighting control at one of the world's most iconic sporting venues.

The National Stadium, which served as the main venue throughout the 2008 summer Olympics and Paralympics, comprises a 91,000 seater-venue, an 80-room four-star hotel, a restaurant with views of the athletics track and a twin-level underground shopping centre.

The project required ABB to supply its KNX intelligent building technology to control the lighting and central automation in the National Stadium, including the essential components of the substation that enables power to flow both to the national stadium and the ‘water cube' aquatic centre.

The technology within the Birds Nest is controlled via a general-purpose workstation (e.g. PC) that is networked to the i-bus KNX system. This provides full visualisation via a PC for operation tasks, including a number of functional sub-systems within the building. This enables the Birds Nest to have optimal, energy efficient interaction with its sub-systems, and control of interactive functions including lighting control, central automation, heating/ventilation control and energy management.

ABB also provided the technology to protect the venue from electrical faults. The National Stadium is protected with ABB's i-bus KNX switch actuators with load current detection, to observe and measure electrical current and prevent the generation of spikes in the current. This makes the technology particularly suitable for switching loads with high peak inrush currents such as fluorescent lighting. The venue is also protected against earth faults with ABB's residual current devices (RCDs) designed to trip and disconnect the supply of electricity in the event of such a fault. To avoid problems during the 2008 games, an ABB employee was also on hand to keep an eye on the installation throughout the ceremony.

In modern buildings, lighting is more than just a basic requirement; it can play an important role in the architectural design and the energy efficiency of the building, as well as for the health, safety and well being of the occupants. Beijing's National Stadium is now equipped with an impressive spectrum of products for lighting control, including light scenes and emergency lighting enabling lights to be switched on quickly and at full power during emergencies.


Dehn Group this year celebrates its 100 year anniversary, and will mark the occasion by  expanding its nationwide seminars on BS EN?62305, the current lightning and surge protection standard.

The company has also released a new UK lightning protection catalogue which contains the most popular products from the UK and Europe, and Dehn (UK) will exhibit at Electrex in June and the M&E show in October.

Dehn started in Nuremberg on 21 January 1910, when Hans Dehn founded his electrical installation company. Very soon he was involved in the complex problems of lightning protection. By 1918 he had published his first patent on this subject and started the production of lightning protection components.

Now located in Neumarkt/Oberpfalz, Dehn is a worldwide, family-owned enterprise, which specialises in three product ranges, lightning protection, surge protection and safety equipment.

As well as providing products for lightning and surge protection, Dehn provides specifically designed protection concepts as well as engineering and test performance in the company's impulse current laboratory. For more information visit www.dehn.co.uk

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