Engex has announced a new addition to its product portfolio in a heavy duty ratchet pre insulated Crimp Tool.

This Crimp Tool is specially designed for electricians, contractors and installers who want a high quality ratchet tool for their kit.

This specially designed tool provides the best in comfort and durability with its ergonomic stress free design and soft feel gripped handles.

Suitable for crimping pre insulated terminals from 1.5mm to 6mm in size, the tool boasts a new type of mechanism which reduces the hand force by up to 50% compared with regular crimping pliers.

With a longer usage life and an overall length of 215 mm it is also easy to use and maintain.

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Furse has introduced a new innovative LED protection status indicator variant to their premium range of ESP SL ‘Slim Line' protectors. Ideally suitable for protecting twisted pair 4-20 mA current loop systems serving multiple devices over long distances such as transmitters, monitors and controllers as well as low current DC power applications.

The ultra slim 7mm ESP SL range is ideally suitable for where installation space is at a premium and a large number of lines require protection. It also houses a unique two stage removable protection module with simple quick release mechanism for easy system maintenance.

Complimenting the range is an ATEX/IEC Ex approved variant for use in hazardous environments for the protection of Intrinsically Safe circuits - ideal for protecting process control systems in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and oil & gas applications

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Medrad has specified Rigel Medical 288 electrical safety analysers to improve the safety testing of contrast injectors used at sites across the UK and Western Europe.

MyElectricalJobs.co.uk a UK jobsite dedicated to the electrical industry.

MyElectricalJobs is the leading site in the MyJobs network. We are seeing increasing numbers of candidates registering with the site looking for that next move. We have seen a lot of movement within the electrical industry over the last three months with regards to recruitment and jobs.

There has been an increase in jobs becoming available within the industry, not only from specialist recruiters but from direct employers. There has been a lack of positions available for installation jobs, but over the last quarter we have seen an increase in this sector compared to earlier 2011.

There has also been a steady increase in some of the specialist sectors including oil and gas and renewable energy. Renewable energy is becoming a massive sector and although we advertise renewable and oil and gas positions on this site, we also have two specialist sites for these sectors MyRenewableEnergyJobs.com and MyOilandGasJobs.com. With UK contractors winning more and more of contractors in these areas, positions are becoming available for electrically qualified candidates.

Saving energy is now a big part of everyday life and the electrical industry will benefit. Many years ago energy saving was more a want than a need. But with the rising cost of fuel it is now at the top of the agenda for most businesses. For industry we are seeing more wind turbines been erected with new builds, and for the domestic market the solar industry is booming. We believe this is a great thing for the industry and although the traditional markets are still slow, they are once again growing.


While capable of delivering 900 A continuously and 5,000 A for short periods, the new Ingvar primary current injection test set from Megger is readily portable, making it ideal for on-site use, even in applications such as underground substations where access would be difficult or impossible for larger test sets. The design has also been optimised to minimise inrush current, thereby making Ingvar suitable for use on supply systems with limited capacity.

MK Electric is launching a cost-effective BattenFit Sensor range that can deliver energy savings of up to 80%.

Outram Research - a specialist manufacturer of power quality analysers - announces the PM7000 now offers additional features to help identify and resolve power quality problems caused by the increasing use of energy-efficient appliances and renewable power sources.

Teseq, a developer and provider of instrumentation and systems for EMC emission and immunity testing, introduces a new line impedance stabilization network (LISN) for conducted emissions testing of grid connected power conditioners (GCPC). The DC-LISN-M2-25-V1 is designed for measuring unsymmetrical disturbances on DC power ports in the frequency range from 150 kHz to 30 MHz.

Research results have shown that a typical artificial mains V-network as described in CISPR 16-1-2 cannot be used for the assessment of unsymmetrical disturbances of a photovoltaic inverter's DC port. CDNs based on IEC/EN 61000-4-6 are typical not specified for high common-mode currents and differential mode disturbances. Additionally, they are undefined below 150 kHz.

As a leading company in the ventilation and fan equipment market, Addvent has expanded its range to comply with the recent changes to the Building Regulations.

The Approved Documents Part L & Part F, as well as stating minimum air flow requirements now needs minimum energy efficiencies, with fans meeting a minimum Specific Fan Power (SFP). This is measured in watts per litre a second (W/l/s) of airflow extracted and all models in the new Part L & Part F range comply.