Danlers manufacture energy saving controls for lighting and HVAC including PIR occupancy switches, Photocells, Daylight-linked dimmers, Time lag switches, PIR thermostat controls and the newly launched PIR occupancy switch modules.

Installing Danlers energy saving switches can significantly reduce energy bills as well as carbon emissions, which is an increasingly important focus for many UK businesses.

All Danlers products are easy to install. The controls make use of existing wiring and are suitable for retrofitting or new builds. They are ideal for installing in offices, factories, schools, hospitals and many other applications.

All Danlers energy saving products are manufactured in the UK and come with a 5 year warranty.

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Website: http://www.danlers.co.uk/

In just one year after its much anticipated launch, the Eplan data portal has had a  tremendous effect on engineering - 4.5 million downloads speak for themselves. This web-based portal delivers around 100,000 items of the latest tested and certified component and device data from numerous leading component manufacturers, thereby giving users an extra productivity boost.

In addition to perfect software support, engineers need suitable component data that can be imported directly into a project. With its extensive collection of device and component data from renowned manufacturers, the Eplan data portal ensures seamless engineering at maximum speed. In no time at all, a desired component can be found by using a keyword, manufacturer's name, product group or catalogue view in the direct search function. The time-consuming act of browsing through catalogues and manually transferring information are a thing of the past. Data is entered directly in a project from the Eplan data portal - with all the convenient functions of a web-based solution.

Manufacturers currently participating in Eplan data portal are ABB, B&R, Bachmann Electronic, Eaton/Moeller, HARTING, Helukabel, Igus, Lapp Kabel, Martens Elektronik, Michael Riedel Transformatoren, Pepperl+Fuchs, Phoenix Contact, Pilz, Rittal, Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, SEW, Siemens, Vishay ESTA, WAGO, Weidmüller.

Eplan data portal
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MyElectricalJobs was launched in February 2010. Unlike other job boards, MyElectricalJobs only accepts positions related to the electrical industry.

This allows specialist recruiters who are working on vacancies in the contracting, wholesaling or electrical manufacturing sectors to place their jobs on the site.

Jobseekers can register their details on the site and apply for roles direct with the employer.

David Marshall, one of the people behind MyElectricalJobs decided the industry needed its own job board. After many years working as an electrical engineer both in contracting, wholesale and manufacturing, and now with nearly 15 years recruiting in the electrical sector, he thought the idea of the industry recruiters and the professional candidates coming together in one place would be a success.

It is easy for anyone looking for a new role to register, and currently the site is open to companies and recruiters to advertise their positions free of charge. The company who places the advert will be able to see applications on the site and review the CV of the applicant.

Work is still taking place on the site layout and features. A CV search facility will be added soon. Any feedback on the site is welcome.

The site has created interest with job seekers in the industry and its first recruiters have posted vacancies and are receiving applications.


Following the M1 Series of mains power surge protectors,  Furse has now launched the new D1 Series - offering the lowest levels of let through voltage, combined with the convenience of mounting to a standard 35mm DIN rail.

Designed to deliver the most flexible mains power surge protection solution in today's marketplace, the ESP D1 protector provides versatile and innovative mains power surge protection. Tested to the latest IEC standards with a 5 year warranty, the ESP D1 protector combines industry leading low let-through voltage with mains Type 1+2+3 protection in a single unit.  The popular 230/400V single and three phase units limit 6000V transient overvoltages to just 600V (Class III test). This level of protection is achieved between all conductors (full mode protection) ensuring all transient paths (common and differential modes) to equipment are protected. ESP D1 series are also available for 120/208V and 277/480V single and three
phase systems

To provide easy, hassle-free status checking whilst promoting best practice in surge protector installation, a choice of LED or advanced LCD displays are available. Plus, the display can be mounted remotely in the most convenient position for viewing and use, whilst the compact protector unit sits comfortably on the DIN rail allowing short connecting leads to the incoming supply for optimal equipment protection.

"The ESP D1 now provides the most practical, scalable solution to maintaining and monitoring surge protection devices. Including both local and remote status indication, the protector has advanced pre-failure warning displayed via an LCD or LED screen. For remote failure warning, the ESP D1 can be linked directly or via telecom modem to a building management system, buzzer or light via the Active Volt-free Contact within the unit. The unit also warns against power loss and potentially dangerous Neutral to Earth voltages," sais Samad Khan, Product Manager - Furse Electronic Surge Protection.

0115 964 3700

Finder has introduced a series of microprocessor-based room thermostats providing a  temperature setting resolution accuracy of 0.1ºC and advanced setting options to help reduce energy usage in residential and commercial environments.

Two new slimline thermostats are offered, each in a choice of grey or white housings:  the 1T.31 provides LCD display and pushbutton temperature setting, while the 1T.41 provides LED indication and analogue dial temperature setting.

For both variants, selection of off, winter/heating and summer/cooling setting modes is very simple with either LCD display or blue/red colour coded LED indicators ensuring quick recognition of operating status.

A day/night selector enables temperatures to be set back by 3ºC to help further reduce energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable ambient environment.  In addition, a +5ºC frost protection setting in the off mode helps protect against burst pipes.

Designed to be used together if required in the same building, both digital and analogue thermostats are presented in a consistent 18mm deep, IP20 rated housing for wall mounting.  The thermostat supply voltage is provided by two AAA 1.5V batteries and the output contact is a 5A, 230VAC changeover relay.

+44 (0) 1785 818100

Outram Research - a specialist manufacturer of leading-edge power quality monitors and analysers - announces that Bluetooth is available across its entire power quality range, becoming the first manufacturer to enable Bluetooth remote control on all its products. This means power engineers can control the entire range of Outram's power quality analysers with one application running on a PDA.

Power quality analysers are often deployed in electrical cabinets or other difficult to reach locations, making it hard for engineers to read integrated displays. Outram's software, PmScreens provides configuration and power quality data on a convenient PDA display eliminating problems due to the location of the analyser whilst allowing a more rugged solution by eliminating the need for large fragile displays to be integrated into the equipment.

In addition to displaying configuration data such as phasor diagram information to validate correct operation, engineers can access real time power quality information using a wireless Bluetooth connection between the PDA and the analyser. As well as for example current, voltage, power, power factor and flicker, engineers can access harmonic data, and, in the PM7000 this capability extends to over 500 parameters, detailed information about events such as sags (dips), surges and interruptions in power, and to waveforms, transients and interharmonics.

"The Bluetooth technology is ideal to enable remote control of power quality equipment without disturbing or gaining access to the installation. This means eliminating the need to take safety precautions; no locking and unlocking of cabinets, no need to turn off the power and no need to take time consuming precautions like putting on protective equipment," said John Outram, managing director of Outram Research. "The connection is almost always reliable even if the cabinet in which the analyser is deployed is metal and closed. And with the processing power of the wide variety of PDAs and mobile phones available, PmScreens can provide enhanced colour graphics to help speed the process of troubleshooting power quality problems."

Bluetooth technology is provided as standard on the Ranger PM7000 power quality analyser, the industry's Cat IV 600V Phase A-powered analyser, and is available as an option on all other Outram analysers, including the 3-phase PM3000, single-phase PM1000 and the split-phase PM2000 that is designed specifically to troubleshoot power quality problems at residential premises in the USA.

Outram Research
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VPhase has entered into the social housing market by signing an agreement with a North-West based housing association and is trialling it's low-cost voltage optimisation technology in a number of tenants' homes. It is also currently testing the VPhase unit in approximately 50 Southern Electric customer homes across Berkshire, under the UK Government's Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) scheme.

Trials with the Housing Association are measuring the energy and carbon saving capability of VPhase as well as its ease of installation. Tenants involved in the trial are currently benefiting from the immediate and significant money and energy savings the product delivers, without compromising their quality of living.

VPhase CEO, Dr Lee Juby comments: "We are already working with a number of major UK utilities to introduce VPhase units into homes nationwide. However, with an estimated four million homes in England, the social housing market is an extremely important sector for us. Not only will the VPhase unit help social housing providers meet stringent carbon reduction targets, it will also help social housing become even more affordable by reducing emissions and energy bills."

Current trials in Southern Electric customer homes are also measuring the reduction of electricity usage in each property but will also determine the level of lifetime carbon dioxide savings that can be claimed by utility companies from the installation of VPhase units.

Stephen Millward, Southern Electric's energy efficiency manager, said: "We will be monitoring closely how well the devices work and also what our customers think of them. If the trial is successful, these devices could be rolled out to millions of homes across the UK, saving householders significant amounts on their bills and bringing obvious environmental benefits as well."

Recent trial results, independently verified by EA Technology*, have shown savings in electricity consumption of between 6% and 12%. EA Technology has confirmed that these reductions could save the respective homeowners between £75 and £135 per year on their annual electricity bills. This equates to carbon savings of 390 to 708 kg per annum. Recorded savings varied depending on the incoming voltage to each property and the type of appliances in the house.


0845 003 8235


Engex has announced a new addition to its ever growing product portfolio new automatic wire stripping pliers. This product is suitable for the professional electrician.

When engaged, the automatic wire stripper simultaneously grips the wire from one side and cuts and removes the insulation from the other. To use it, simply place the wire in the jaws and squeeze the handle pulling outwards to prevent an injury; this allows an effective way to strip most wires very quickly. It doubles as a crimper for red, blue, and yellow insulated terminals and also has an adjustment screw for smaller copper conductors.

Made with hardened steel a single action wire stripping function, the pliers strip 0.2-6mm copper and aluminium wire in addition to solid and stranded cable. It can also crimp 1.5, 2.5, 4 and 6mm insulated terminals as well as 1.5, 2.5, 4 and 6mm non insulated terminals.

Engex offers an extensive range of professionally manufactured and durable products developed around their electrical contractor customers.


01952 272 381.

Total consistency from project planning with PLC programming to operation is mandatory for the  engineering of flexible machine and system configurations. The PLC and Bus Extension module, an add-on from electrical design software developer Eplan, ensures consistent data in hardware and software planning.

With its bidirectional data exchange, up to the level of complete system configuration, the data from product configurators from various PLC manufacturers can be easily and conveniently imported - this speeds up project planning, administration, and evaluation of PLC and bus components. The result: shorter processing times.

In Eplan the schematic generation on the basis of PLC data or the synchronization of project data is fully automatic. The Eplan Platform, with integrated solutions for electrical, fluid and process engineering, is perfectly set up to take continual advantage of the potential for higher automation.

Currently, detailed PLC project planning application examples are being developed which depict the optimal workflow between Eplan and manufacturer-specific PLC configuration systems.

With Simatic Step 7 or Unity Pro from Schneider Electric, users are led through the entire project planning process, step by step - with examples, sample projects and video sequences. Users can integrate their Eplan systems into their own engineering process in an efficient and cross-disciplinary manner - without a long learning curve or unnecessary failed attempts due to a lack of information. Plans for applications for other PLC manufacturers such as Phoenix Contact, Beckhoff and Rockwell Automation are already in place.

01709 704000

Birmingham-based DiMart has introduced a steel armoured cable stripping tool that can cut into both the outer insulation and the protective steel strands underneath both circumferentially and longitudinally.

The SACS tool (steel armoured cable stripper) provides a fast, safe and accurate alternative for electrical engineers, many of which still use the traditional method of hacksaw and sharp knife.

"I wanted to develop a product that would eliminate mistakes and reduce injuries," explains Martin Barrett, managing director of DiMart and a certified electrician, who came up with the concept of SACS while working on theatre lighting grip installs. "I looked at what products were already available but none offered an ‘all in one' solution."

The tool works by first performing the circumferential cut on the insulation and steel strands, it is then rotated 90° to permit cutting of just the insulation in a longitudinal manner to allow the cable to be terminated via the use of a gland. Appropriate for cable diameters ranging from 12mm to 35mm, the tool was introduced mid-November 2009.


0121 241 3828


Independently verified trial results have confirmed the substantial money, energy and carbon emission savings that can be achieved by fitting a VPhase unit.  VPhase has released the data from trials that took place across several properties in the UK, showing savings in electricity consumption of between 6% and 12%.

Results have been verified by EA Technology, which has confirmed that these reductions could save the respective homeowners between £75 and £135 per year on their annual electricity bills. This equates to carbon savings of 390 to 708 kg per annum.

This particular trial took place between December 2009 and February 2010.  The individual energy savings depend on the type of appliances in each house and the specific average incoming voltages. The findings confirm VPhase's own back-to-back testing of individual appliances and the calculated whole house savings derived from those.

VPhase CEO Dr Lee Juby commented on the results: "We're extremely pleased that these trial results, the first to be independently verified, simply confirm what we have found from our own internal testing over the last three years.  Individual appliance back-to-back testing has shown savings of up to 17% in the case of fridges and freezers and it is good to see these results translate into significant whole house savings."

Voltage optimisation is not new with large commercial organisations using it to significantly cut their energy bills for many years.  However, this is the first time that the technology has been available to domestic and small commercial users.  The low-cost VPhase unit reduces and stabilises the incoming voltage, normally to 220V in the UK, reducing wasted energy.  The result is considerable reductions in electricity consumption and, therefore, costs and carbon emissions, throughout the house.

The VPhase unit is fitted next to the fuse box and operates on socket outlets and lighting circuits where it can maximise savings.  It is best fitted whenever a new fuse box is fitted, adding value for the electrician and the homeowner.

Each VPhase unit costs £250 + VAT (RRP).  For more information visit http://www.vphase.com/ or call 0845 003 8235 for a trade price list or call in at your local distributor.

High Voltage electrical installation specialist Grosvenor Power Services has recently purchased one of CTE's Pianoplan battery powered tracked load carrying machine. The company uses the Pianoplan to handle heavy and bulky electrical panels safely and efficiently into buildings and through doorways where alternative equipment or manual handling is impossible or inappropriate.


"It's the ideal tool for what we are doing," said John Martin, director of Grosvenor Power Services. "It's gone down very well with our clients who understood the problems we faced in the past but now see that we have been prepared to make a capital investment to provide a safe solution."