Concordia Technologies, a leading supplier of electrical cables and cable accessories to UK and  International customers, has moved to a new location which is based at Burnley Network 65 Business Park.

This major investment in a 67,000 sq ft, purpose built Distribution Centre ensures continued quality of service and increased availability of cable products.

The 100% increase in storage and logistics capacity will enable us to offer an increasing range of products to our customers, including Cable Accessories, Enclosures and Electrical Test and Measurement Equipment.

Concordia Technologies
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Emergi-Lite has launched a new powerful, high output exit sign and emergency luminaire range delivering harmony across the entire design scheme.

With Horizon, low energy LED based exit signs are matched with high output fluorescent luminaires to provide a cost efficient yet powerful emergency lighting system. This approach delivers optical light distribution, so fewer luminaires are required, with low ongoing maintenance costs.

The range is available in surface mounted, recessed or mounting via a range of accessories for modern suspended ceilings and traditional solid walls, ensuring Horizon comprehensively covers all project requirements.

Straightforward modular design ensures rapid installation, with the first-fix base fitted at an early construction phase, and the geartray, light diffuser or legend panel installed later as the building is finalised.

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Furse, a specialist in lightning protection, has added a new ESP SL ‘Slim Line' Series  (including an ATEX approved variant - ESP SLX Series - for use in hazardous areas) to its range of electronic systems protection.

Specifically designed where installation space is at a premium and a large number of lines require protection, this SL range are an ultra slim 7mm, tested to BS EN/IEC 61643-21 standards and suitable for twisted pair signalling, telecom or data applications requiring either lower in-line resistance, an increased current, and/or higher bandwidth.

Other features and benefits include:

* Ultra slim 7mm width - ideal for compact protection of large numbers of lines

* Unique innovative two stage removable protection module with simple quick release mechanism for easy system maintenance

* ATEX/IEC Ex approved for use in hazardous environments for the protection of Intrinsically Safe Circuits - ideal for protecting process control systems in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and oil & gas applications                                                  
* Very low let-through voltage (enhanced protection to BS EN 62305) between all lines -  Full Mode protection

* Full mode design capable of handling partial lightning currents, plus allows continual operation of protected equipment

* Repeated protection in lightning intense environments

"The ESP SL Series provides compact, industry leading protection against overvoltages whilst providing innovative features to facilitate easy installation and simple line test and maintenance through its unique removable protection module,"
said Samad Khan, Product Manager - Furse Electronic Surge Protection.

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Following the M1 Series of mains power surge protectors,  Furse has now launched the new D1 Series - offering the lowest levels of let through voltage, combined with the convenience of mounting to a standard 35mm DIN rail.

Designed to deliver the most flexible mains power surge protection solution in today's marketplace, the ESP D1 protector provides versatile and innovative mains power surge protection. Tested to the latest IEC standards with a 5 year warranty, the ESP D1 protector combines industry leading low let-through voltage with mains Type 1+2+3 protection in a single unit.  The popular 230/400V single and three phase units limit 6000V transient overvoltages to just 600V (Class III test). This level of protection is achieved between all conductors (full mode protection) ensuring all transient paths (common and differential modes) to equipment are protected. ESP D1 series are also available for 120/208V and 277/480V single and three
phase systems

To provide easy, hassle-free status checking whilst promoting best practice in surge protector installation, a choice of LED or advanced LCD displays are available. Plus, the display can be mounted remotely in the most convenient position for viewing and use, whilst the compact protector unit sits comfortably on the DIN rail allowing short connecting leads to the incoming supply for optimal equipment protection.

"The ESP D1 now provides the most practical, scalable solution to maintaining and monitoring surge protection devices. Including both local and remote status indication, the protector has advanced pre-failure warning displayed via an LCD or LED screen. For remote failure warning, the ESP D1 can be linked directly or via telecom modem to a building management system, buzzer or light via the Active Volt-free Contact within the unit. The unit also warns against power loss and potentially dangerous Neutral to Earth voltages," said Samad Khan, Product Manager - Furse Electronic Surge Protection.

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Eplan Service Pack 1 for electrical controls design software Eplan Electric P8 v1.9 adds extensions in reports, schematic and master data creation, such as intelligent PDF export, and consistency in the design and planning process. New search functions, the parallel tree and list view in the part master data navigator ensure even faster searches and a perfect overview.

Project accelerator macros can now be created in Eplan Electric P8 with up to 128 occurrences through the combination of variants and representation types. All the required occurrences of a partial circuit are managed in the macro file, providing the perfect basis for standardized and efficient design and planning.

A highlight in Eplan is the individual representation of black, PLC and location boxes which can now be drawn as polygons or polygon lines, simplifying the representation of complex plant and location structures in machine overviews.

Eplan Competence Centre
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Zigor, global supplier of UPS and power quality products, is offering a 5% discount on its UPS products to education and public sector customers in the UK until 27 August 2010.

Zigor's UPS solutions range from line interactive plug ‘n' play UPS systems for desk top PCs, peripherals and small servers to critical power protection for multiple servers, computer rooms, data centres and sensitive electronic equipment.

Gavin Banks, UK sales manager at Zigor says: "Zigor offers reliable, high quality power protection at exceptional value for money. As public sector budgets are being squeezed, we're now offering an additional 5% discount, so customers can make significant savings without compromising on the quality of their power protection."

Zigor has also launched a UK website dedicated to UPS solutions. It gives details of which products are best suited to different applications, provides full product specifications and details of resellers and distributors.

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Following a three month social housing trial with Great Places Housing Group, VPhase has released independently analysed results showing energy savings of between 8.5% and 9.0% and estimated yearly CO2 savings of up to 180kg per property. This equates to an average 3.6% of a households' annual CO2 emissions and importantly, a significant proportion of many housing association's overall CO2 reduction targets.

The trial, which took place between February and May 2010, saw the low-cost VPhase unit installed in a number of tenants' homes to monitor its ease of installation as well as independently measure its energy and carbon saving capability. Tenants involved in the trial were able to benefit from the immediate and significant money and energy savings the product delivers, without having to change their lifestyle or electricity supplier.

Matthew Harrison, deputy chief executive and director of development at Great Places Housing Group comments: "The results are very encouraging and we will now look at the viability of installing VPhase units in more of our houses."

Adds VPhase CEO Lee Juby: "We are already working with a number of major UK utilities to introduce VPhase units into homes nationwide. However, with an estimated 4 million homes in England, the social housing market is an extremely important sector for us. These results confirm that the VPhase unit will not only help social housing providers meet stringent carbon reduction targets, it will also help social housing become more affordable for the people that need it the most."

The low-cost VPhase unit uses voltage optimisation technology to reduce and stabilise the incoming voltage to homes and manage it to a stable level, normally 220V in the UK. The result is considerable reductions to electricity costs, reduced wasted energy and lower carbon emissions. It can be easily fitted by a qualified electrician, requires no maintenance and will instantly save energy across a wide range of appliances throughout the home.

The VPhase unit is fitted next to the fuse box and operates on socket outlets and lighting circuits where it can maximise savings. It is best fitted whenever a new fuse box is fitted, adding value for the electrician and the homeowner.

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In these austere times, businesses and government organisations are examining every  possible method of reducing costs.

From redundancies to the renegotiation of the stationary contract, spending is being curbed and efficiency is no longer a buzzword, it's a way of life.

Green technology company, powerPerfector, says it is helping lead the way, by saving public and private sector organisations that have adopted its unique Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO) technology £50 million.

Typically, due to the design of the distribution network, buildings are supplied with higher voltage than is actually needed. powerPerfector's green technology, developed in Japan, works by optimising electrical power quality and by supplying voltage at a more efficient level.

Thousands of sites in the UK have installed VPO and, when fitted in a typical commercial building, it cuts an average 13% off the electricity bill instantly. The associated carbon savings are equal to 320,000 tonnes, that's the equivalent weight of nearly 2,000 jumbo jets.

Angus Robertson, CEO of powerPerfector, said: "The £50 million mark is not just a proud milestone for powerPerfector but conclusive proof for business leaders that there are some easy-wins on the tough road to cost saving and carbon reduction.

"But this is only the beginning. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) says that powerPerfector is a 'critical part of our energy reduction strategy', our aim is to be a critical part of the UK's overall carbon reduction strategy."

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Concordia Technologies, a leading supplier of electrical cables and cable accessories to UK and  International customers, has announced the expansion of its comprehensive UL cable range.

Concordia Technologies is UL listed and CSA certified for the manufacture of the extensive range of PVC insulated hook-up wires (equipment wires), UL multicore cables, and trirated cables.

These cables are suitable for interconnections between and within instruments and electrical/electronic equipment. The UL cables are manufactured to meet the highest standards required by our customers.

The range shown below is for the most popular types, a full list of current approvals is available on request.

  • UL Style 1007, CSA Type TR-64
  • UL Style 1015, CSA Type TEW
  • UL Style 1028
  • UL Style 1061, CSA Type AWM I A/B
  • UL Style 1283
  • UL Style 1569, CSA Type TR-6
  • UL Style 2464
  • UL Style 2468
  • UL Style 1426

Concordia Technologies
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Public sector purse strings have never been more tightly drawn and the dual pressures of  trying to meet financial and environmental commitments are a heavy burden.

The cupboard is bare, yet there remains a responsibility on hospitals, schools, prisons and councils to comply with the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC EES) regulations introduced earlier this year.

At £12 a tonne, carbon is a valuable commodity and without significant carbon cuts the public sector faces sizeable fines.

A myriad of measures are available to reduce demand, from low energy lighting and variable speed drives to smart heating and cooling. But, it is equally important to get the fuel that powers them right too.

Due to the design of the distribution network, buildings are supplied with higher voltage than is actually needed. Voltage Power Optimisation works by optimising electrical power quality and by supplying voltage at a more efficient level (220V as opposed to the 242V UK average).

A piece of kit that sits on your main voltage input requires a level of trust in the technology. This is especially pertinent for acute sites like hospitals, prisons and data centres where outages would risk lives, security and profits - quickly consuming the financial benefits of putting in the technology in the first place.

It is an issue that Angus Robertson, CEO of powerPerfector, who introduced Voltage Power Optimisation to the UK, comes across every day: "All of our clients need to be reassured that there is no risk to their infrastructure."

"The truth is that powerPerfector actually helps protect electrical infrastructure from spikes, it suppresses harmonics and reduces three phase imbalance in motors, all of which has the effect of lowering maintenance costs.

"We have powerPerfected the three emergency services ensuring no compromise to their 24/7 operations and, over the last 18 months, we've installed at acute hospitals in the UK for the first time."

Angus Robertson continued: "We have a 100 per cent reliability record, our technology requires no maintenance and powerPerfector is the only technology in this space that's fit for purpose. It is this record that has afforded acute sites the confidence to take us in to buildings where there is a zero tolerance to failure."

At Cardiff prison, of obvious importance is the electronically controlled security systems, Christopher Silcox of HM PrisonsEstates Management Group said:

"Given the importance of security of supply at this critical site, we can report that the installation was professionally conducted and the working of the site has been perfect.

"For us, powerPerfector has been the single most effective energy efficiency measure we have introduced."

About 90 per cent of commercial buildings are suitable for Voltage Power Optimisation and, when fitted, it cuts an average 13 per cent off the electricity bill instantly - with a payback of between one and five years typically.

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Danlers, a Wiltshire based company, has been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation. The award was given in recognition of the continuing development of its range of energy saving electronic controls for lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Managing director, Tony Kay said, "As a company we strive to be at the cutting edge of control technology so to win this award for innovation is particularly rewarding for Danlers' dedicated team."

Founded in 1990 by Kay, Danlers has been based at their Chippenham site since October 2000 and it is here it designs and manufactures its innovative products. The company has been growing steadily for several years and now provides work for over 60 people from the surrounding Chippenham area.

Danlers produces a wide range of products from passive infra-red (PIR) occupancy switches and time lag switches to radio remote controls and outdoor security switches. Many of the technologies are patented and some have become industry standards such as the ceiling flush mounted PIR occupancy switch and the ceiling directional PIR occupancy switch, for automatic lighting control.

In the past 5 years Danlers has seen its market share increase from 12% to 25%. This is in part due to the energy saving capabilities of its products and the growth in the energy saving market.

In 2008 the UK government passed the Climate Change Act which increased pressure on organisations to improve their energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Improving lighting efficiency is one of the most straightforward ways for an organisation to reduce both their carbon emissions and costs and studies have shown it can be improved by as much as 40% with the installation of lighting controls.

Danlers products are ‘stand alone' controls rather than integrated systems and so are easy to install. They can be installed in a room by room or area by area basis, keeping costs low and resulting in quicker pay back periods. The ease of use and reliability of Danlers products has resulted in their steady and continued growth throughout the recession.

One of Danlers' most popular product ranges is their PIR occupancy switches which detect the movement of people within their vicinity and ensure that lights are not left on unnecessarily. The built-in quad detector and photocell ensure that the lights are only turned on when someone is present in the room and when there is insufficient natural light available; enabling commercial and domestic users to save energy and costs.

Danlers latest innovation is the PIR occupancy switch module which measures 50mm x 25mm x 38mm and is fully self contained, making it the smallest on the market and unique. The challenged faced by the engineers was how to squeeze a high specification device into a very small space without compromising the quality and reliability for which Danlers is renowned. The solution was to use surface-mount electronic component technology to create three small interlocking circuit boards that fit perfectly into the small polycarbonate mould.

The winning of the Queen's Award has topped off what has been an exciting 18 months for Danlers. In addition to launching a number of new products they have invested heavily in the production infrastructure and recruitment in order to ensure their continued growth in the future. Perhaps the biggest investment has been in brand new state of the art surface mount manufacturing equipment. The purchase of this surface mount equipment will not only allow Danlers to diversify the business into contract manufacturing for other electronics companies but also enable them to remain at the cutting edge of technology and innovation for the foreseeable future.

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Baltimore Innovations, the UK based desiccant specialist, is planning to grow its share of the Desiccant Breather Market with the launch of a new range of Indicating Silica Gel Breathers.

"A number of our TRANSFORMAGEL customers have been asking us for a disposable breather product for a while now, so this new range is really a natural progression for us," said Saul Edwards, Business Development Manager of Baltimore Innovations.

Baltimore is launching its new low-cost range of Desiccant Breathers with a standard 600g unit, and this initial offering will then be joined by other sizes of breather over the next 18 months. The breathers themselves are used in the Power and Transmission market on electricity sub-station inlets, as well as in the Fuels Sector for protecting against moisture contamination of fuel and oil in storage tanks. The new products are 100% clear-sided for easy reading and feature an EU approved safe indicating from of low-dust silica gel, which changes from orange to green when the breather needs replacing.

Baltimore Innovations