Inverter platform for renewable energy applications

Product News

Semikron has introduced an inverter platform that offers the system integrator an easy-to-use and versatile inverter to meet the stringent demands of the renewable energy market.


The Semistack assembly is a high power, three-phase inverter system that uses Semikron’s SKiiP intelligent power module (IPM) with integrated heat sink, IGBT, driver with protective sensors and functions, all optimised for renewable energy applications. The modular topology, the wide selection of SKiiP IPM power ratings, choice of cooling system and the ability to connect the inverters in parallel allows for a wide range of user applications from around 450 kW to more than 3.0 MW.

The base inverter configuration comprises three half-bridge phase cells mechanically arranged in a vertical configuration. Each phase cell contains one SKiiP IPM, cooling system, polypropylene DC link capacitors, AC connections and snubbers.

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