Easy-to-install weatherproof heater

Product News

To continue the success of the Heatstore Weatherproof Quartz Heater, Heatstore has redesigned an attractive, easy-to-install, unobtrusive unit. The HSQWPH1500N quartz halogen heater offers a ‘warm’ heat from its specially tuned lamp. Ideal where a free-standing unit is impracticable, it is manufactured from aluminium and heat-resistant black thermoplastic and is suitable for either domestic or commercial use.

Being IP55 rated the unit can be used in external applications, and an attractive stainless-steel finger guard aids safety. The HSQWPH1500N is clean, silent, emits no smells and is virtually maintenance free. The running costs are very low at around 22p per hour – approximately 1/3rd of the total running costs of gas systems.

When wall-mounted at a height of 2.5m, the HSQWPH1500N heats an area up to 12.3m², and up to 16.8m² when mounted overhead.

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