Ultra-fast current-voltage system

Product News

Keithley Instruments has introduced the Model 4225-PMU Ultra Fast I-V Module, the latest addition to the growing range of instrumentation options for the Model 4200-SCS -  semiconductor characterization system.

It integrates ultra-fast voltage waveform generation and current/voltage measurement capabilities into the model 4200-SCS's already powerful test environment to deliver the industry's broadest dynamic range of voltage, current, and rise/fall/pulse times, expanding the system's materials, device, and process characterization potential dramatically. Just as important, them 4225-PMU makes ultra-fast I-V sourcing and measurement as easy as making DC measurements. Its wide programmable sourcing and measurement ranges, pulse widths, and rise times make it well-suited for applications that demand both ultra-fast voltage outputs and synchronised measurement-from nanometer CMOS to flash memory.

Unlike previous solutions, which required up to three different test stands to characterise a device, material, or process thoroughly, the model 4225-PMU's broad dynamic range allows characterising the full range of materials, devices, and processes with a single set of instrumentation. Now, labs can configure one flexible system to handle all three measurement types: precision DC I-V (model 4200-SMU), AC impedance (model 4210-CVU C-V instrument), and ultra-fast I-V or transient I-V (model 4225-PMU).

Each 4225-PMU module provides two channels of integrated sourcing and measurement but takes up only one slot in the nine-slot chassis. Each chassis can accommodate up to four modules for a maximum of eight ultra-fast source/measure channels. Each channel combines high speed voltage outputs (with pulse widths ranging from 60 nanoseconds to DC) with simultaneous current and voltage measurements. The module provides high speed voltage pulsing with simultaneous current and voltage measurement, at acquisition rates of up to 200 megasamples/second (MS/s) with 14-bit analog-to-digital converters (A/Ds), using two A/Ds per channel (four A/Ds per card). Users can choose from two voltage source ranges (±10 volts or ± 40 volts into 1 megaohm) and four current measurement ranges (800 milliamps, 200 milliamps, 10 milliamps, 100 microamps).

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