New modular design helps next generation UPS family boost reliability

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AEG Power Solutions today announced the first models in a new generation of UPS - the  Protect 8 line.

Designed and built using a modular, building block architecture, Protect 8. UPS systems offer the most reliable performance available on the market. The building block approach marks Protect 8 as the world's first ‘customer-ized' UPS each UPS is tailored to each customer's specific requirements.

The initial version launched by AEG Power Solutions is the Protect 8. 31, an industrial double-conversion model. All Protect 8 UPS are designed, assembled and tested in the finest tradition of quality and reliability by AEG PS in Germany. Protect 8 employs VFI (Voltage Frequency Independent) technology and is a true online, double conversion UPS which guarantees a filtered, stabilised and reliable output voltage free from frequency variations, over-voltage and voltage dips. The AEG Protect 8 has a 3 phase 400VAC input and single phase 230VAC output rated at 10/20/30/40/60/80/100/120 kVA, with customer specific ratings available on request.

"In designing the Protect 8 generation, we built upon the know-how and technology developed for the Protect 5 UPS family to achieve even-higher levels of reliability," said Luca Buscherini, UPS Protect Family Line Manager, AEG Power Solutions, Belecke, Germany. "Protect 8. UPS are customer-ized. This means that, thanks to our innovative building block approach, each customer gets precisely what they are looking for, in terms of mechanical protection, input and output voltages, battery type and autonomy and desired documentation," he added.

The new Protect 8 UPS has an excellent dynamic response and demonstrates its "green credentials" by maintaining optimum efficiency even when not running at full load. Standard features include, extended load power-factor range, global efficiency ? 88% for UPS at 220 VDC, MTBF ? 150000 hours, variable speed low noise fans, output voltage and frequency adjustable via DOU (+/- 3%), low THD on the AC output, UL compliant, parallel operation and UPS environmental protection to IP43. The Protect 8 has an Integrated Static-Bypass-Switch (Intelligent transfer zero switching time) and is fitted with an isolating transformer. Is short circuit resistant, proof against overload, can be operated with a central battery and has an ergonomic display and control unit.

Each Protect 8 UPS is built by assembling and configuring the particular rectifier, inverter and bypass modules exactly suited to each customer's specific requirements. Thanks to this modular approach, Protect 8 systems offer exceptionally easy and rapid maintenance as any module can be quickly replaced if necessary. The building block design also reduces delivery times. AEG can assemble, configure, test and deliver Protect 8 systems in weeks rather than months.

"The use of fully-tested, field-proven building blocks in each customer-ized Protect 8 UPS offers more reliability than one-of-a-kind, customized alternatives." explained Buscherini. Additional benefits include investment protection and easy integration thanks to the Protect 8 open communications platform, lower operating costs through reduced cooling requirements and floor space economies thanks to the compact Protect 8 footprint.

Protect 8 UPS are designed for virtually all industrial sectors requiring maximum reliability such as onshore and offshore oil & gas installations, energy & electricity generation and distribution, water treatment and instrumentation, process control and others.

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