Expanded intelligent DC drives range

Product News

Control Techniques' new intelligent DC drive, Mentor MP, was publicly unveiled at the Nuremberg SPS/IPC exhibition in 2008, and the launch was a great success with units in the 25A to 210A range now in service around the world. At Nuremberg 2009 Control Techniques will showcase its new large size 2 models for the first time.

The first shipments of the new Size 2 drive will commence before the end of the year, new models cover the range 350A to 1,850A and up to 690V.  Multiple drives can be connected together to control armature currents of up to 7,400A in 6, 12 and 24 pulse configurations. Every drive in this range ships with an inbuilt 20A field controller which is suitable for the vast majority of DC motors, however, for higher field currents and for upgrading older equipment a new standalone controller called the FXMP25 will be available. 

A core strength of the Mentor MP range is its compatibility with Control Techniques' universal SM option module range, giving Mentor MP access to the latest onboard PLC and Motion engines, high speed Ethernet and Fieldbus communications and connectivity with modern high resolution feedback devices.

Typical applications that can immediately benefit from Mentor MP include:

* Metals
* Printing
* Material Handling
* Rubber and plastics
* Pulp and paper
* Crane and hoist
* Mining
* Elevator and escalator
* Active input for DC bus connected AC drive systems

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