Lightning fast calculations

Product News

Furse's popular StrikeRisk software makes lightning risk assessments lightning fast. A trial version of the new StrikeRisk v5 is available free of charge from the Furse website.

StrikeRisk has been specifically developed for engineers, architects and contractors who have to carry out the risk calculations demanded in BS EN 62305-2:2006 Risk management.  The software interface helps users complete BS EN 62305-2's complex and laborious risk calculations in minutes rather than the hours it would take doing them by hand.

With StrikeRisk, an engineer can carry out and view multiple risk assessments under the banner of a single project, build new projects from previously saved cases and create templates for standard cases. StrikeRisk enables users to split a structure into multiple zones to highlight high risk areas, as well as considering multiple cables connected to the structure and multiple remotely connected structures.

In addition StrikeRisk v5 offers multi or single user licensing, an easy to use interface, excellent security options and reporting facilities.

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