Omicron: Three tips for saving time when testing transformers

Product News

Omicron has released a detailed article highlighting three top tips to address ‘time sucking’ transformer tests.

Performing offline electrical tests on transformers can be time-consuming, especially when the field measurements are not captured correctly the first time.

Three time saving tips to consider:

  • Review the ‘power factor checklist’ prior to testing
  • Identify incorrect power factor measurements before leaving the job site
  • Select the appropriate test current – DC winding resistance

The article identifies the electrical transformer tests that test equipment users often struggle to perform efficiently and correctly. 

Three field testing tips will be provided, to address the transformer tests that are often ‘time-suckers’. 

By building awareness, test equipment users can better avoid the situations where a significant amount of time is lost due to retesting, troubleshooting, and collaborating with test equipment manufacturers.

Access the full article here.