ESP targets professional CCTV sector

Product News

ESP’s new IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV range has been developed by the company to satisfy the growing demand from customers and contractors, and meet the changing needs of a marketplace which is moving from analogue to IP.

The IP PoE CCTV range is designed to offer reliable and straightforward installation solutions for a range of applications, from domestic through to larger and more complex commercial projects. The range features PoE (Power over Ethernet) which enables the camera and power feed to be wired in Cat5e cable up to 100m, without the need for additional power, which makes installation much more convenient. A single Ethernet cable provides both the power and the HD digital feed, with just one cable per camera, and multiple cameras can be installed anywhere on the network that the NVR is connected do.

Processing power, an abundance of features, versatility and high resolution IP CCTV have been combined to offer a reliable alternative to traditional analogue systems.

There are two distinct IP ranges available; the REKOR IP 2 Megapixel range which has been tailored for the domestic market, and the HDView IP 5 Megapixel range which is aimed at larger applications with a wide choice of NVR and camera selection.

All NVRs offer a variety of features, such as remote monitoring via the ESP IPView app, H265 compression, motion record activation and they are supplied with quality surveillance hard drives for peace of mind. 

For further information on the new IP CCTV range, visit the ESP website.