Signify utilises robotics in LED pitch lighting installation

Product News

Signify has made unique use of robotic measurement during the installation of its connected lighting system, Interact Sports, at the Toyota Stadium in Aichi, Japan. 

The robotic measurement is part of Signify's commissioning method. It helps to reduce installation time and significantly improves accuracy compared to traditional measurement methods. Aiming of floodlights, horizontal illuminance, colour temperature and rendering are just a few of the components put to the test. The total service package installed in Japan’s first LED outdoor stadium includes software-based lighting design, 3D visualisation and video aiming.

Already in operation in numerous stadiums around the world, Signify’s LED lighting system brings an immersive bowl lighting experience by integrating colour changing floodlights alongside entertainment lighting moving colour spots. The new lighting meets the stringent broadcast standards for flicker-free Ultra-HD 4K television and super slow-motion action replays; people at home can clearly see every detail and emotion on the pitch. Stadiums that already use Interact Sports include Atlético Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano and Juventus’ Allianz Stadium.

Toyota Stadium upgraded its pitch floodlights with 554 energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures across its 45,000-seat stadium. It uses Interact Sports Lighting management software to control and manage Philips ArenaVision LED Field of Play (pitch) lighting. It combines seven different light distribution characteristics which make it possible to design lighting best suited for each player’s action.