Down to earth solution from Unicrimp

Product News

The new Unicrimp earthing product range comprises just 10 individual products, which together forms an earthing system. At the heart of the system is the threaded earth rod, made with a low carbon, high tensile steel core and molecular bonded 99.9% pure copper coating for maximum conductivity, strength and durability.    

Where required, multiple earth rods can be joined together using threaded couplers and the threaded driving stud attaches to the top of the earth rod to protect against damage when driving the earth rod into the ground. A selection of clamps and two inspection pits make up the range.  

This new complete earthing system has a consistent design throughout the range, making it adaptable to meet installers’ needs and simplify the overall installation.

All products meet British, European and international standards and are supplied with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.


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