We all want to test quicker, says Metrel

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Want to speed up routine testing? Metrel may have the answer.

Most of us are familiar with the auto-RCD test on a multi-function tester; it speeds you though a routine set of tests, and gives the results at the end without you having to tramp backwards and forwards initiating each test,” says Brendan Beaver, sales manager of Metrel.

“Then imagine how good it would be if that same principle could be brought to other routine testing. Your machine getting on with the testing, and asking for your help when it needs it to speed you on to finish the job.”

Well this is now a reality, since Metrel introduced the Auto Sequence facility to its multi-function testers. This testing procedure allows a selected range of tests to be completed with a single press of the test button.

Each test is automatically compared to pre-set limits and passed or failed and the results displayed and stored, saving time, producing stable, repeatable results quickly.

The Auto Sequence facility is pre-programmed in to Metrel multi-function testers, ensuring a cost-efficient and easy way of installation testing and improving operator safety. 

This system is ideal for situations where the same test is repeated continuously such as Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR). The results can be stored on-board the tester and then downloaded to an IET certificate.

The pre-programmed sequence of tests is selected by the operator depending on the part of the installation to be tested, the earthing system, whether the installation is single- or three-phase and whether there is an RCD present in the installation.

Having connected the test leads, and pressed the test button the tester will automatically perform the tests and indicating if each test is passed or failed. It also tells the operator where their interaction is required.

The key benefit to users of the Auto Sequence procedures is that they complete the testing up to five times faster than ordinary methods.