Major partnership for ECA and ESC


In a move aimed at bringing the electrical contracting industry together, the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) and Electrical Safety Council (ESC) have announced the creation of the Electrical Safety Register.

In addition, from 1 April 2013, NICEIC and Elecsa will be operated by a new organisation, Centsure, giving the industry a stronger voice to government and major stakeholders.


It is said the partnership will bring many benefits to NICEIC and Elecsa registrants, the first being the creation of the Electrical Safety Register,  a definitive searchable database of NICEIC and Elecsa registered contractors and ECA members, promoted by the trade association and the charity.

Certsure has announced customers will be entitled to display the Electrical Safety Register banner and the organisation will provide customer service and actively promote its contractors in the market.

“With this partnership, the benefits to the consumer and electrician are significant,” commented Charles Tanswell, chair of the ESC. “In particular, for the consumer it means more can be done to raise awareness of the benefits of using registered electricians and we’re delighted that this partnership ensures solid industry support for the charity and its work.”

“This partnership marks a new beginning for the electrical contracting industry.” explained Paul McNaughton, president of the ECA. “There is strength in unity and this alliance unites the key electrical industry players: The sector trade association, the electrical consumer charity and the leading certification body, while providing clarity to the consumer and a consolidated voice to government on common issues.”

Emma Clancy, CEO of Certsure, added: "“We will act as the sole registration, certification and assessment body for not only NICEIC’s current customer base, but for those under the Elecsa and ECA brands too. Over time significant cost and commercial benefits will be available to those electrical contractors registered with Elecsa and NICEIC, thanks to this partnership and we will be communicating with all our customers about the joint venture.”

To view the Electrical Safety Register visit


Pictured: Paul McNaughton and Charles Tanswell sign the joint venture agreement