Recolight and CoBRA partner to increase light-bulb recycling


Recolight, the specialist WEEE compliance scheme for the lighting industry, has announced a partnership with award winning recycling scheme, CoBRA (Community Bulb Recycling Alliance) to increase consumer access to collection facilities for low-energy light-bulbs.

Founded by Mark David Hatwood in 2007, CoBRA was initially established to provide community recycling for waste batteries. The scheme works by recruiting volunteers to place collection containers in community locations and then take responsibility for collecting the waste and taking it to a central collection facility.

Through this partnership with Recolight, the CoBRA scheme will be adapted to provide community collection of low-energy light-bulbs, using Recolight's innovative new in-door light-bulb collection container.

Announcing the partnership, Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey said; "This is an important and exciting partnership which will open up vital new channels for the public to recycle their old low-energy light-bulbs. Through CoBRA, volunteers will be able to place our specially designed collection containers in community locations making it easier to recycle their old light-bulbs as part of their everyday routine."

The scheme is expected to go live in September. Mark David Hatwood explained; "Volunteers will be able to register online to comply with health and safety regulations regarding the transportation of waste. They will then be sent a collection container and a transportation box. We hope that once the scheme gets underway it can prove to be as successful as the battery scheme which collected over 35 tonnes of batteries in just two years."

Pictured: Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey(left) and CoBRA founder Mark David Hatwood (right)