Batteries support photovoltaic systems

News batteries have been selected by BEES (part of the CEG Group) to provide robust, reliable and low-maintenance, energy storage for photovoltaic-powered cathodic protection systems on the 680 km NK1 oil pipeline project in Algeria. The order for 36 batteries is Saft’s largest single order to date for its rechargeable nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries.

The NK1 pipeline, which passes through the Sahara desert, is being built to connect the oil fields at Haoud El Hamra in the centre of Algeria to the port city of Skikda on the Mediterranean coast. The cathodic systems that protect the pipeline against corrosion will be installed at 20 km intervals along the route. They receive their primary power from a large solar panel, while energy storage will be provided by a Saft battery installed in an underground cabin.

The NK1 energy storage batteries have been specified by BEES and will be installed by ABB, the main contractor for the photovoltaic project. Each battery will comprise three strings of 920 cells in parallel, providing a total capacity of 2760 Ah – at a nominal 24 V and delivery is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2008.