Skills needed to meet demand in renewables


SummitSkills has announced a major new project called Horizon, which will create a Sector Skills Agreement for building services engineering, aimed at giving employers a greater say in training.
Following research into the skills required for the future and the quality of training provision currently available, SummitSkills has identified that new IT implementation and the impact of environmental technology are two key issues when it comes to training.
Traditionally basic skills have covered numeracy and literacy but the fast development of mobile communication equipment, such as PDAs, means that staff, particularly the less IT-literate, may need training for this new technology.
The plans local government intend to implement to reduce carbon emissions will also see companies installing and maintaining combined heat and power, solar panels and photovoltaic cells.
At present, many firms are reactive rather than proactive with regards to developing skills in renewable technologies.
Businesses risk being left behind if they do not prepare for the future by offering adequate training to meet these skill requirements.
Findings will be published throughout autumn. To find out some of the key issues and give your opinions on the findings and solutions, visit