Domestic CHP 2004 - Driving the Products to Market


If you are involved in gas, electricity or housing, this conference is not to be missed... These are momentous times for domestic combined heat and power. As the insecurities and uncertainties in traditional forms of power generation became all too apparent during 2003, the first commercial dCHP units appeared on the market to offer consumers a genuine alternative, with many companies developing their own products for the home energy revolution.
But if we are to make the most of this opportunity, now is the time to act. Domestic CHP - Driving Products to Market builds on the success of last year's conference and brings together high-profile speakers from equipment manufacturers, installers, trade associations, utilities and the government, to ensure that delegates are properly informed to take an active part in creating the energy market of the future.

Why you should attend:
• Establish the business case for dCHP technology.
• Meet customer requirements by correct product positioning.
• Benefit from the experience of housing associations and local authorities.
• Maximise accessibility to financial assistance from government.
• Create a new market to include utilities, installers and distribution companies.

Tuesday 8 June 2004 Thistle Hotel, Charing Cross, The Strand, London WC2