Category 3 control fire performance cables are critical, says AEI Cables


AEI Cables is raising awareness for the cabling industry to meet the highest levels of safety and performance in the interests of life safety and firefighting.

As the only supplier in the UK with independent approval from LPCB for BS8519 Category 3 Control fire performance cables, AEI Cables is highlighting the critical role played by these products following the pledge in the Queen’s speech recently to bring forward the new Fire Safety Bill and the Building Safety Bill.

The equipment served by these cables assists a safe evacuation in the case of life safety and enables the intervention of the fire services in the case of firefighting.

The government has committed to progressing new legislation following the Grenfell disaster and outlined the concept of duty holders having clear responsibility throughout design, construction and occupation of buildings and enforcement. The proposed system will be underpinned by ‘strengthened enforcement and sanctions to deter non-compliance with the new regime.’

The performance of control cables in a real fire is essential to maintain signals and control of critical equipment. There are many cases of cable failure where the products will simply not perform as specified and are not fit for the intended purpose. If in doubt, specifiers and installers should check with their supplier for advice.

Graham Turner, national sales manager for AEI Cables, said, “We are asking everyone involved in the supply chain from specifier to installer and engineer to be aware of the importance of Category 3 Control fire performance cables.

“These cables reduce the risk to life through the reduction of harmful smoke, toxic gases, and reduced flame spread. We should all strive to achieve the highest performance possible.”