Dyer & Butler installs GSE charging points at Heathrow


Dyer & Butler, part of M Group Services, has completed the refurbishment of the British Airways (BA) crew car park and the installation of ground support equipment (GSE) charging points at Heathrow Airport.

The programme of works included the removal of the existing surface in a parking area designated for BA crew, concrete repairs on the deck, and the replacement of the single expansion joint running transversely across the top deck, unblocking drainage gullies and applying a fully elastomeric, lightweight waterproofing system.

Dyer & Butler Electrical has also been assisting with electrical infrastructure requirements at Heathrow Terminal 2. The programme of works included the installation of new cabling running from two of the terminal’s substations, as well as the installation and testing of new airside GSE charging points that will be used to charge Mototok electric, remote-controlled aircraft tugs. Each Mototok is capable of pushing back an Airbus A321 aircraft at max take-off weight and can typically operate 25 pushbacks between charging. Charge time is typically three hours.

Dyer & Butler aviation director Mark Foster commented, “These works are an important part of our ongoing working relationship with Heathrow Airport. The electrification of the Airport’s GSE is part of HAL’s sustainability strategy to reduce emissions and meet air quality targets and is already being used at a number of the airport’s aircraft stands. We look forward to continuing works like this in partnership with Heathrow.”