Crabtree celebrates milestone birthday


Crabtree, part of electrical group Electrium, is 100 years old this year and has celebrated with a series of events and activities.

Crabtree began on 17 April 1919 when John Ashworth Crabtree designed a quick make and break switch.

Marking the occasion, members of the Crabtree family flew to the UK to attend a special memorial service in Walsall on Crabtree’s centenary and were joined by colleagues past and present for a gala evening to celebrate the brand’s history. Colleagues also held special events with customers throughout the country.

Mike Cash, group marketing and channel manager at Electrium commented: “Throughout the year, we’re encouraging customers to share their memories of Crabtree. From using our products as an apprentice, up to the work they still do with Crabtree, simply tweet @electriumnews and use #CrabtreeCentenary to share your story.”