EIC supports young talent through Apprentice Support Programme


The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) is encouraging the industry to show support for the charity's Apprentice Support Programme (ASP), designed to help young people reach their full potential in the electrical sector.

Apprenticeships are crucial in the electrical sector and can bring endless benefits, not just for young, talented individuals who are seeking to build rewarding careers and become the leaders of tomorrow, but also for companies who are looking to stay competitive in the market and bring fresh ideas and skills into the sector.

According to the 2017 Apprenticeship Evaluation Survey, 67% of employers say that employing apprentices improved staff retention as well as their image in the sector. Additionally, the same report showed that 86% of employers said that apprentices helped to develop relevant skills for the organisation and to fill the skills gap. But becoming an apprentice is by no means easy, and the need to balance work and study can be tough, especially if there are added pressures in an apprentice's personal life. 

This is why EIC launched the Apprentice Support Programme, which is part of the charity’s Employee Assistance Programme, solely funded by powerLottery.

ASP is designed to help young people deal with some of the key challenges that affect them as they work towards their apprenticeship. The programme offers apprentices a wide range of support services, including financial and counselling support, career development and transition assistance, an apprentice bursary scheme, electrical engineering scholarships, as well as practical support. 

Early intervention and a solid support network can have a huge impact on young individuals who are struggling to reach their goals and prosper due to obstacles standing in their way. 

Industry professionals can support the programme by becoming a partner of the Apprentice Support Programme or signing up to powerLottery for as little as £1 per month. For more information, visit this link.