New and improved introductory building controls course


The Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) is offering the a starting point for professionals working in the building controls industry: BCM00 Introduction to Building Controls and HVAC training course.

This is suitable for anyone wishing to gain further understanding and insight into the world of building controls and to develop their knowledge and awareness of the subject. The BCM00 course is designed for facilities and estate managers, electricians and building services trades personnel, including marketing and PR staff.

 The introductory course provides an understanding of day to day involvement in building controls and HVAC and covers topics, such as basic control of heating, types of control heating systems, primary heating plant, distribution of heating, hot water service and centralised HWS. 

BCM00 also includes ventilation and air conditioning fresh air, heating and cooling with air systems, basic use of the relative humidity and psychometric chart, multi-zone system, air handling unit and air plant unit.

For those new to the building controls sector, BCM00 will help get up to speed quickly and learn the basics. However, the course is also suitable for those who may be wishing to transfer over from another sector, such as electrical, and are considering a new career path. The introductory course offers a progression route as this can be followed by a suite of six CPD-accredited courses: BCM01-06 that cover all aspects of building controls in general detail.

 This one-day introductory BCM00 training course takes place on Wednesday 26 September 2018 at the BCIA Peterborough Training Centre. 

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