Improved performance, protection, safety and sustainability


Huntsman Advanced Materials, a division of Huntsman Corporation, will present its epoxy and polyurethane resin technologies for improved performance, protection, safety and sustainability at CWIEME Berlin 2018. Under the theme The company will demonstrate how its long heritage in both the power and electronics markets,delivering new benefits to the fast-growing e-mobility industry, through chemistries and processes that have evolved to answer wider market demands. 

As the industry looks to next-generation e-mobility applications, parts displayed will highlight the evolution of the solutions developed by Huntsman Advanced Materials for power and electronics applications over the last 70 years. With the automotive industry continuing to undergo an electrical revolution, the company will demonstrate its leading technologies for a wide range of components, including high energy ignition coils and a pioneering in-wheel motor with encapsulated stator for optimised thermal management, reliability and noise dampening. 

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