Head of safety services segment appointed


HIMA Paul Hildebrandt has appointed Fabio Lodigiani as head of its safety services business segment. In his new role, Lodigiani will manage and coordinate the company’s worldwide service activities. HIMA’s lifecycle management and services are concentrated in the newly positioned Safety Services business segment. He reports directly to Sankar Ramakrishnan, CEO of the HIMA group.

Fabio Paolo Lodigiani received a degree in electronic engineering from the Polytechnical University of Milan. After completing his studies, he initially worked for various Italian manufacturers active in the automation, software and hardware sectors. In the subsequent six years, he held operational and strategic management positions in sales at E.ON Energy in Milan. Following that he worked in various management positions in the sales organization of leading cable manufacturer NKT Cables for nine years. His most recent position there was Senior Vice President Asset Management, with worldwide responsibility for onshore and offshore services for high-voltage systems.

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