Bsria support


Bsria is supporting the introduction of airtightness testing data lodgement to the Air Tightness Testing & Measurement Association (ATTMA) Competent Person Scheme (CPS). The addition of lodgement will add an additional layer of quality assurance checks to test data, but more importantly will result in the production of an easily recognisable scheme air tightness certificate that can be validated by Building Control Bodies (BCB) by visiting the ATTMA website (


Chris Knights, general manager, Compliance Testing Department, said: “The ATTMA scheme has already benefited industry by an improved auditing protocol and the introduction of lodgement will aid BCB and clients alike by providing a simple generic certificate. In excess of 100,000 tests will be performed this year and with the vast majority of test organisations in the CPS this provides developers with confidence you would expect from a robust scheme.”

Knights continued: “It is important to remember that Building Regulations state that a local authority is authorised to accept as evidence that the requirements have been satisfied, a certificate to that effect by a person who is registered by ATTMA in respect of pressure testing for the air tightness of buildings. You should therefore ensure that whoever carries out the test is a member of the Competent Persons Scheme.”

Lodgement goes live for all tests performed from the 1 August 2015.