Paul Creighton, managing director of FG Wilson outlines the benefits of generator sets and although a tried and tested technology, explores how and why they have developed into what they are today.

Stephen Jones, ABB Power Grid’s head of business development for the Distributed Energy Sector, explains what makes a grid connection intelligent – and how this can help data centre operators.

Karl Walker, marketing development manager at Beckhoff, addresses some of the confusion surrounding the technology used in intelligent buildings and gives us some advice on the implementation of the Internet of Things.

Cooling units are playing an increasingly important role in Industry 4.0. Seamless communication between cooling units and associated cloud-based systems is opening up opportunities for new applications. Karl Lycett, Rittal’s product manager for Climate Control, explores why IoT-capable devices such as the cooling units and chillers in the Rittal Blue e+ range are essential to these applications.

Riello UPS general manager Leo Craig explains why our increased reliance on renewable energy offers mission-critical sites the perfect opportunity to rethink the role of their uninterruptible power supplies. It’s time to turn a reactive, underutilised asset into a proactive, carbon-cutting money-maker.

Dr Jonathan Hiscock, managing director of Fundamentals Ltd gives us an insight into why tapchangers are so important in the power grid, how their performance can be enhanced, their reliability extended and what to expect if they’re not properly maintained. 

Graham Wright of the Heat Pump Association dispels some common confusion surrounding heat pumps and explains why this often underrated technology is becoming a favoured form of heating for the future.

Pradyumna Pandit, VP of EcoBuilding UK and Ireland at Schneider Electric, explores the role intelligent buildings have to play in contributing to a smarter, more sustainable future.

Craig Collinson, operations director at Smith Brothers, explores the methods and expertise required in specialist cable fault testing.