Electrotechnical has always been a fast-evolving sector, with home automation and smart technology coming onto the scene in recent years. With regulations frequently updated, Nick Pollard, product manager at JTL discusses how individuals, employers and the industry as a whole can stay ahead of the curve through continuing professional development (CPD).

The political wind has been blowing towards complete rail electrification for decades now without significant progress, so it’s clearly not a straightforward problem to tackle. If it’s to be done, it needs be done right. Steve Hughes, MD of REO UK, explains the importance of ensuring the components underpinning electric trains are carefully considered.

There has been recent speculation as to whether the engineered heat sink has had its day. Nic Smith, head of sales and marketing at PSL Assemblies Ltd, takes a closer look into the future of the technology and explores whether there is any weight behind these claims. 

Calls have been made recently by a number of influential industry bodies to make the installation of sprinklers mandatory in public buildings following a number of tragedies. Graham Turner of AEI Cables explains why the quality of cabling providing power for these systems is critical.

Andrea Leadsom is the new(ish) Business Secretary. Which means that, amongst other things, she oversees energy policy in the UK under Al “Boris” Johnson.

LEDs represent a great opportunity for electrical installers, but we’ve barely scratched the surface of what the technology can achieve. Graham Lewis, sales director at the recently rebranded Red Arrow Electrical Distribution, explains why it’s time for a lighting industry shake-up. 

Dave Armitage of Schaffner Group discusses the critical role EMI (electromagnetic interference) filtering has to play in electrical energy facilities.

We’re all familiar with smart phones, smart homes, hell we even have smart kettles, but when it comes to control, what happens when we get ‘smart’ on an industrial level? As the buzz surrounding the smart factory continues to snowball, what exactly is it that makes them so dang clever? Gavin Stoppel, product manager, digital solutions at Harting Ltd tells us more.

Nobody now pretends that the long-standing Government target, to put 63 million smart meters, into every home and SME by this January, stands any chance of being met. What is most galling is the news that eight out of the 25 electricity vendors charged with delivering this scheme are still installing those seriously old-fashioned SMETS-1 meters.  

According to the latest wheeze from the Business and Energy Department, future nuclear power projects should be funded via something called the ‘Regulated Asset Base’ system. Called RAB for short.

That would be Omicron, who happen to be the proud sponsors for our Power category for 2020. Here, Omicron gives us a bit of background on who they are, what they’re currently up to and most importantly, why they’ve chosen to be a part of the ER Excellence Awards.

With global data traffic more than doubling every four years, it’s no surprise that the environmental impact of data centres is coming under scrutiny. Simone Bruckner, managing director of power resistor manufacturer Cressall Resistors, investigates the efficiency of our data centres.