Dave Armitage of Schaffner Group discusses the critical role EMI (electromagnetic interference) filtering has to play in electrical energy facilities.

We’re all familiar with smart phones, smart homes, hell we even have smart kettles, but when it comes to control, what happens when we get ‘smart’ on an industrial level? As the buzz surrounding the smart factory continues to snowball, what exactly is it that makes them so dang clever? Gavin Stoppel, product manager, digital solutions at Harting Ltd tells us more.

Nobody now pretends that the long-standing Government target, to put 63 million smart meters, into every home and SME by this January, stands any chance of being met. What is most galling is the news that eight out of the 25 electricity vendors charged with delivering this scheme are still installing those seriously old-fashioned SMETS-1 meters.  

According to the latest wheeze from the Business and Energy Department, future nuclear power projects should be funded via something called the ‘Regulated Asset Base’ system. Called RAB for short.

That would be Omicron, who happen to be the proud sponsors for our Power category for 2020. Here, Omicron gives us a bit of background on who they are, what they’re currently up to and most importantly, why they’ve chosen to be a part of the ER Excellence Awards.

With global data traffic more than doubling every four years, it’s no surprise that the environmental impact of data centres is coming under scrutiny. Simone Bruckner, managing director of power resistor manufacturer Cressall Resistors, investigates the efficiency of our data centres.

Sponsoring our Colocation Supplier of the Year category for 2020, Vertiv are winners in their own right, having scooped an impressive three awards themselves over the last two years. Find out what makes Vertiv such worthy winners and you never know; you might pick up some tips for your own winning entries. 

ER interviewed Mike Elms, managing director at Centiel UK, sponsors of the Data Centre Design and Build Product of the Year award, to find out his unique insight into the UPS marketplace and why the company chose to sponsor this particular category.

As the demand for power increases in the UK across growing domestic and industrial markets including the nuclear industry, so the need for reliable power generation, transmission, and distribution using Medium Voltage (MV) cables has risen with it. Graham Turner of AEI Cables looks at the future.

For the third consecutive year, the ER Excellence Awards 2020 is proud to be partnered with Riello UPS. A company that never stops, we find out a bit about what Riello has been up to of late, gleaning an insight into some of its latest projects, as well as finding out why this industry leader has gone for the partnership hattrick. 

From deep sea submarines to deep space, GS Yuasa is trusted globally for countless applications. So who better to be sponsoring the all important entertainment for our 2020 ER Excellence Awards? We take a look at what places GS Yuasa at the top of its game, as well as why you should get involved in what is already set to be a night to remember.

With it being Smart Grid Forums' mission to champion the agenda for clean energy, it was only right and fitting that it took the sponsorship for Electrical Review’s Sustainable Project of the Year award for 2020. Here we learn a little more about the pressures faced within the smart utility sector, as well as why Smart Grid Forums has chosen to support our event (as they have done from day one), with 2020 set to be the company’s third consecutive sponsorship.