This project involved the construction of Europe's largest in-town retail development on a 40 acre site grouping 150,000m2 of shops and leisure complex. Located adjacent to the A40 main western access route to the capital, the contract was awarded to the Australian developer Westfield in 2005 with the work being completed in 2008 at a cost of £1.6 bn

Just a heating engineer...

Steve Whiteley is a lucky man. Or maybe just a canny one. He has just won a cool £1.4m, with just a £2 horse racing accumulator.

Seamless integration of energy harvesting wireless technology in IP networks creates whole new possibilities for building automation

Internet protocol (IP) has now become a worldwide standard for data communication between all manner of devices over the Internet. Currently there is much discussion surrounding the idea of assigning every outlet and every filament lamp its own IP address and then connecting them over the Internet. What many do not know is that today already all electric loads can be addressed over an IP network - enabled by batteryless wireless technology and matching access points.

Nowadays there are several large projects to implement advanced meter management (AMM) solutions. These projects are being developed by the electrical utilities and contemplate the aspects of replacement of meters and the deployment of their associated communication. The meters are replaced by ‘smart' meters that automate the collection of usage data. The following paper, from Juan Antonio and Hugo Baroja from Ormazabal, and Javier Arriola from Iberdrola, was submitted at a CIRED seminar: SmartGrids for Distribution

The quest for intelligent, so called smart grid technology is seen by many as the key to future exploitation of renewable energy sources and the inclusion on the grid of home grown generation from micro CHP systems. But, as Keith Hamilton, group managing director of PBSI Group explains, the prerequisite for the establishment of smart grids relies on a significant investment in equipment as humble as protection relays

Organisations' increased dependence on their computing resource, together with growing concerns over UK grid power quality and availability, highlight the critical role of the UPS. A recent survey from Uninterruptible Power Supplies Limited (UPSL), a Kohler company, reveals users' experience of mains supply problems, their concerns for the future and their priorities for UPS protection. this article explains the threats posed by power quality problems today

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When the Coalition government came into office just 15 months ago, amongst the briefings prepared for incoming ministers was one on international fuel prices. Specifically how they were likely to go up (or down) over the next 15 years.

I paid a visit to the Electronics and Electrical Industries Benevolent Association (EEIBA) at its new offices in Wandsworth in sunny Saarf West London recently. Apart from the fact I had a little trouble announcing into the entry phone who I wished to visit- the name hardly trips off the tongue - I was intrigued to find out a little more about the organisation.