Having a bit of a tidy up, I chanced upon a study issued in 2013 by the Adam Smith Institute, a long established ‘free market’ lobby group much cited by right wing MPs. The publication is titled Policy Study 403: Limits of Windpower

Drawing upon cyber-attacks gone by, Natalie Sauber of Arcadis questions whether connected vehicles will ever be truly safe, and outlines the steps auto manufacturers should be taking to ensure public safety.

Franck Blonbou, electrical engineering services manager at Nexans, discusses why power grid asset management must go digital, highlighting how Distribution System Operators (DSOs) can leverage the digital transformation of the energy industry to extract maximum value from their grid assets.

Want to improve the efficiency of your UPS system without having to sacrifice on availability? Giovanni Zanei, senior director, global large power offering at Vertiv, discusses how you can improve the efficiency of your UPS – without having to rely on ECO Mode.

In an increasingly environmentally-aware age where efficiency is almost as important as availability, Chris Cutler of Riello UPS examines the consequences for the next generation of uninterruptible power supplies.

A new edition of the Code of Practice for fire alarms in housing, BS 5839-6:2019, has just been published, reinforcing the importance of interconnected smoke and heat alarms as an essential first line of defence to provide early warning of fire at low cost, as Kidde Safety Europe reports.

When it comes to your physical racks and servers, do you know who has access to your assets? Stephen O’Connell, managing director at Rack-Sec, outlines how you can utilise electronic access control to ensure fool-proof security at rack-level. 

Could the fully autonomous data centre be closer than we think? Matthew Beale, modern data centre architect at Ultima, explores the marriage between man and machine when it comes to establishing the data centre of the future.

Any work at height carries risk. Preventing accidents from falls relies on all stakeholders using an informed, joined-up approach to practices and systems. James Sainsbury, fall protection sales leader for MSA Safety, explains why a holistic approach to safety is needed, and highlights the potential risks of making ill-informed changes to a defined safety system specification.

Henry Lawson, BSRIA's senior market research analyst, discusses how building controls are evolving towards a future of smart, integrated buildings.