Some trends in IT viewed over the long term may seem to be cyclical. One in particular has seen IT deployment move from centralised processing to personal computing and back again. Matthew Baynes, datacentre strategy and business development director, UKI, Schneider Electric explains

Tim Brown from cable management specialist, Unitrunk, discusses the increasing importance of BIM and outlines the challenges and opportunities it brings for the cable management sector

Fascinating first report

This month we are due to see the first report from Lord Chris Smith, the Environment Agency’s former chairman, into the risks and benefits of shale gas.

The National Grid’s warnings that factories could see mandatory shutdowns at peak times this winter has renewed concerns over the future of the energy sector in the UK. The best solution is the transition to a smarter grid that allows for better integration and management of different electricity assets, leading to improved reliability of supply. Pascal Schaub, director and principal engineer of DT Partners in Australia, explains the significance of the IEC 61850 standard for the energy sector. Also discussed is the importance of the training needed to implement the standard effectively and efficiently to deliver a smarter grid. Schaub has recently provided an in-depth IEC 61850 training session for several UK companies during a daylong workshop organised by industrial software expert COPA-DATA.

In a world of ever-changing legislation and best practice it is a constant challenge to remain current, ensuring electrical suppliers are providing the best possible service to their
customers. In most residential installations the biggest challenges are with the selection of the correct consumer unit. Take, for instance, the introduction of the 17th edition wiring regulations and the implications they had with electrical contractors, designers and consultants. Steve York, residential market manager at Hager UK, discusses the influencing legislation and best advice to ensure consumer units in residential applications are correctly selected and installed

The effort of cooling the vital IT equipment in today’s fast growing data centres can be as onerous on power consumption as the disks and servers themselves, but a well thought out strategy using the latest intelligent cooling solutions can reduce the burden. Lubos Vaclavek, business development manager at Schneider Electric, explains

Traditionally, battery innovation has been hampered by lack of industry collaboration between the more theoretical, academic field and the consumer-oriented commercial field. Here, Rob Phillips looks back at a presentation about innovation strategy he delivered to the MedTec Olympia trade show in May 2014 to help find a way forward.

Light-emitting diodes have been around for years.  But within the past decade LED’s have gone from being simple indicators on electrical devices, to brilliant white light sources capable of illuminating colossal spaces. Marie Parry of the Scolmore Group looks at the latest developments within LED lighting.

When a designer is faced with the specification of an enclosure to house and protect a specific device or control system, there is an art to getting the exact enclosure product to fulfil the requirement exactly. Steve Gallon, managing director of Fibox, explains

Vision functionality from consumer electronics could revolutionise building automation and pave the way for full integration with security systems, explains Gabriel Sikorjak, European product marketing manager at Omron Electronic Components

Rob McCaskie, product manager for power circuit breakers at ABB Low Voltage Products, explains how the new generation Emax 2 circuit breaker is also a power manager.

When it comes to electrical power surges, there appears to be a false perception that the risk is limited to lightning strikes or critical power supply failures. However, the reality is that surge spikes can happen on a regular basis without being noticed. Thus, as more and more consumers invest in high-end technologies, domestic surge protection has an increasingly pivotal part to play in safeguarding equipment. Here, Kevin Norman at Newey & Eyre tells you what you need to know

The cold storage and industrial refrigeration sectors can be richly rewarded by the implementation of just a few simple energy-saving technologies. Shaun Evers, managing director of Stonegate Instruments, one of the UK’s leaders in refrigeration and temperature control systems, explains how cost efficient devices can save companies substantial amounts of money and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.