Uncertainty characterises most IT growth plans. You face questions such as: What's the impact of containment on my PUE? How much more would my data centre capex increase if I added redundant power and cooling? What rack density should I deploy?

In this on demand webinar Schneider Electric explain how their free mobile-friendly Data Centre TradeOff Tools will eliminate the guesswork. These tools allow you to experiment with “what if” scenarios using data and science to estimate outcomes during data centre concept and design work.

You will learn:

  •  How the tools quantify key planning decisions
  • How research and analysis is used to develop the tools
  • How to access the tools

Planning and designing a data centre can be a real headache. Data centres have come a long way, but the way most people design those data centres hasn’t. Historically we treated each data centre likea custom build, starting from scratch every time. True, each data centre has unique needs but we also know they have a lot in common. So, after decades of thought leadership in data centre design, Schneider Electric has put together a set of free tools that make planning and designing a business-wise, future-driven data centre easier, faster and predictable.

How? Find out by listening to this webcast from Schneider Electric and Electrical Review. CLICK HERE

Now available from Electrical Review and Schneider Electric is a new webinar looking at the Galaxy VM, a highly-efficient three-phase power protection system. Click here to catch up on this free 30 minute webinar recording, to learn how Galaxy VM can lower your energy costs and increase performance.

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