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Service helps drive and motor users to avoid unplanned downtime
The ABB Ability Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) service provides an overview of the health and maintenance requirements of drives and motors.
Wieland’s samos PRO – the compact modular safety controller
samos PRO from Wieland Electric is a compact modular safety controller for machine and automation control.
Five small changes to boost plant efficiency
The energy cost to run an electric motor over ten years is at least 30 times the original purchase price. With energy consumption responsible for the vast majority of whole life costs, Marek…
Raising the bar
Mark Rushton, UK marketing manager at Harting Ltd, explains how RFDI technology is helping the company’s European Distribution Centre set new standards in logistics.
Cool strategies
Variable speed drives generate heat – that's a fact of life – and usually that heat is unwanted. But what’s the best way to deal with it? Alan Baird, country manager UK and…
Hazardous area motors are no longer exempt
Strict regulations are synonymous with hazardous environments. Despite this, changes to legislation can still cause disruption. Marek Lukaszczyk, European and Middle East marketing manager at WEG, explains the changing regulations for hazardous area…
Harvard to launch Casambi-enabled LED drivers
In partnership with Holders, Harvard Power Systems will launch a full range of high specification CLi Series LED drivers with built-in Casambi wireless communications capabilities.
Wieland Electric adds new input modules to samos Pro Compact safety controller
Wieland Electric has added three new input modules to its samos Pro Compact safety controller to offer reliable analogue value processing.
Challenges of a smarter future
We’re all familiar with smart phones, smart homes, hell we even have smart kettles, but when it comes to control, what happens when we get ‘smart’ on an industrial level? As the buzz…
PLC controllers with license-free software
Designed for use in varying BMS, HVAC and refrigeration applications, Resource Data Management’s (RDM’s) Intuitive TDB controllers – part of RDM’s Intuitive controller range – come with license-free PLC software built-in.